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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I love you all so muchys!
I love my friends on this site. ♥
All of you are oh so amazing. I love theotaku and myotaku! I just love all the users. You are all so glorious! ^.^
I send ♥'s to you all!
♫vampireknight15 a.k.a Kylie Christine

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Monday, February 4, 2008

   Good weekend.
Firtys I would like to thank all of you who commented my last post. Reading the comments you all left me, made me feel way better. Thank you so much all of you! ♥

But this weekend was good.
I went to Portland, OR this weekend for a Youth worship conference.
The worship band was brilliant.
The speakers were great as well.
I truly feel that I have gotten closer to God. That is the one think I really wanted to get out of the weekend.
It definatly made me feel better. From how I was feeling last week.

Thank you all so much once again. ^.^
♫vampireknight15 a.k.a Kylie Christine

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just one of those days.
My life has been great thus far. I cannot complain. But isn't it natural to have "One of those days"?
Yesterday, for me WAS one of those days. I just couldn't help but break down. Me and my boyfriend did not break up.
He was actually the one picking me up and being there for me. Even if it was via phone. I love him so much.
I'm the only kid in my family that drives.
But here's the kicker...
It's my sister's car because I totaled my first one. So generally me and my parents made this deal. I have to drive her around everywhere and anywhere she want's to go.
So I'm a taxi driver.
So I'm chilling at the mall with my boyfriend and some of our friends. My sister and my neighbor are there as well.
We are killing time before Youth Group.
So it reaches 6:15 pm. I'm having a grand ol' time and then they come around and start telling me to leave. I'm thinking...
"I still have about 15 minutes."
I want to say no, but I can't. So I leave.
I don't mind driving people. Like my friends and my boyfriend. They are actually grateful to me. They say thank you to me. I feel appreciated.
But with my sister and my neighbor, OH NO!
We leave and I'm already kinda mad but I'm trying hard to get over it. Then we stop by to see my sister's boyfriend and my neighbor's sister at work.
I look at my tires and they are low. So I have to rush them so I can go get some air in my tires. They are furious with me. Saying,
"We should have left earlier."
"It's going to be your fault if we are late."
So I'm pretty mad right now.
So we go get air. Takes about eh, 15 minutes. And we get to the church right on time. Go figure.
The whole way there however they were complaining about my driving. Telling me to do this. And do that. Where to turn, even though I know exactly where I am going. And we get out of the car.
Guess what! No thank you or anything that has to do with it.
I get a "Thanks for nothing type of response."
I'm probably over reacting about this but I just feel hurt sometimes. I try to get over it but sometimes it's hard.
Sorry about this long post. I just needed to vent. Toodles all.
♫vampireknight15 a.k.a Kylie Christine

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Friday, January 25, 2008

   *Sigh* I'm having a good day.
Haven't you ever noticed how amazing life can be at a certian point in time? I mean right now, I'm having a brilliantly amazing life.
I have an amazing boyfriend. I have amazing friends. I have a great family. And I'm about to graduate.
I know who I am. I'm confident with myself. And I know who and what I want to be.
I seem to be content with all that has happened this year.
Yay for life! xD

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Does anyone here have a gaia account? If you do my username is BockiBear. ^.^ Come and find me!
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Thursday, December 13, 2007

   My delight: The kiss
Yet again. A little while ago but I just got around to doing this now. ^.^

The day: November 22, 2007

The time of day: Oh how perfect a night

The thing I wished for the most: Was for just you and only you.

"Do you mind if I kiss you?"
When those words were spoken,
I felt an emense surge of delight,
Course through my entire body.
When your lips touched mine,
Everything became perfect.
The grass on the ground.
The scent in the air.
The stars in the sky.
I was intuned to everything about you.
That scent that you carry,
That I look foward to everytime I'm around you.
The way your hair is always so soft,
When I run my fingers through it.
Your breath,
As it is intertwining with mine,
As our lips move together.
Your heartbeat,
That I can feel with my hand,
Beating with mine,
In a rythmic song,
That only we can hear.
We break away.
All I can do is smile.
What else can I do,
Since I am speachless?
And then we kiss again,
With the same intensity as before.
Our first kiss.
My breath taken.
Oh how perfect you are.
Oh how perfect a kiss.

It needs work but oh well! ^.^

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   My relief: The snow and you.
This was written a little while ago but I just got around to posting it. I hope you like it. ^.^

The day was Sunday, November 18th, 2007.

The time of day was night.

The thing I wanted most,... was for you to be there.

As the snow started falling, all I could think about was you.
Wishing you were there with me.
Wishing you could enjoy that experience with me.
I felt suddenly at ease when I stepped out of my car.
The snow fell upon my face.
It fell into my hair.
Caressing them with instant moisture.
We talked about the snow.
About how much we both loved it.
As the frozen rain fell upon my face,
My thoughts were of you.
I hope things are better.
I want nothing more than your happiness.
Just whenever it rain or snows around me,
I wish you to be there.

It isn't supposed to rhyme. I just needed to get my thoughts out. Thank you.
Kylie Christine

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Ok. I'm watching the Tokyo Game Show right now on G4 TV. And all these new titles that are coming out, all I can think about is... I WANT!!!! New Kingdom Hearts. Final Fantasy XIII... THREE SEPERATE GAMES! Devil May Cry 4. Assasin's Creed. Heavenly Sword! So many good games coming out! Gah! I can't take it! O.O

I'm getting a PS3 for sure now. Because... All of the new Final Fantasy XIII games and Heavenly Sword and possibly Kingdom Hearts are exclusive for the PS3. And all those other games are coming out for the PS3 as well as the 360 but PS3 is better... MUCH BETTER!

The PS3 is also coming out with a God of War 3 too! And Heavenly Sword will be a trilogy! I'm so excited!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Friday, June 8, 2007

   Death Penalty
Well I'm in my History of the Notorious and Infamous class right now. It is a fun class but alas, as of now, it is boring. We have to write an essay on the death penalty with our opinions on it. We have to include reasearch too. Articles and all that jazz.
I'm not against it but I think that people are being led away from the true purpose of the death penalty. The purpose is to eliminate the criminal for the safty of society. People are just distracted of the fact that it is considered inhumane to take someones life. That doesn't matter to me. Personally, I can sleep better at night knowing that there is one less killer and rapist out on the loose. There is a chance an offender can escape or get out on parolle if they get a life sentance in prison. That is an extremely scary thought to me.

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