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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Told ya I'd post!

Beware the Rabbit…


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†Köln, Germany
†Couch Potato
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†Not a fan, but watch it anyways.
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†Ghost in a Shell, The Stand Alone Complex,
†Drawing, sleeping, and trying to keep myself busy.
†Athletic, artistic, need I say more?
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†Miss New Booty.
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†Left the microphone on while my friend was talking about someone.
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†Ender's Game.


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Neheha, okay first I should probably tell you what a host-family is... it's a Family who takes in a student from another country. Hence, Foreign-Exchange is born! I, like many others, have come from Germany or other places and are placed with these "Host-Families".

All these people (including mine) cannot speak a word of out native language! A point for us, mostly anyways... :3

Back onto another subject, ja?

School is getting boring! I can't stand half the kid in my class. One told me, "You should be talking in German if you're an exchange student!" I blinked and shook my head walking away. It was rude!

We learn English at a very young age and other languages during our school-life. I really think some of these students in my class... are... stupid... xD

Well, that's about it...

OH! Re-doing my site. ^^

V.R. :3

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