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Friday, March 24, 2006

Meeting girls over the enter net sucks
i meet to wonderful girl proable never to here from them again but who know maybe i'll get lucky an hear from on of them
on other new I'm in the freezing lad of Canada an it cold but when you come from a hot place like florida maybe i'm just warm blooded i hape my friend come to my calll as i start this up again an tommorrw much better
well today we went to some mall it was cool but there was no good looking girl i mean the like hiddous but who knows maybe in canada only ugly girls go to the mall baqd news i was late to the meeting point an got a bit of lecturing this ones to arnold my friend(i got 3 books of the FairyLanding seris) there good finshed them in like to second so i got bored start this up then went on to rachel an emily rachel is canadian she funny an truthful i hope i hear from her again god know i could use someone to talk to an emily she got my phone number who know where that'll go ps I"M BACK also ps to ashron(don't know check his out in my friend list) call kyar tell him i said was up an to read this thanks bye!

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