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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Image and video hosting by TinyPic I did a bunch of cleaning today! ...and ya know what's weird?

I actually enjoyed it! Our house is almost completely nice and clean! the only problem is finishing the laundry and straightening up the kitchen table. Its covered with mail and newspapers. LOL!

...and I didn't mean to scare anyone yesterday about my eating habits. I'm fine. Honest. ^^

Oh. I gots the money to get my GAARA STATUE!!! YES!!!!! All 138 dollars worth! WOOOOOOOO.

*grins* Now I just have to give it to dad so he can order it for me(my account is messed up because of some bogus withdrawl. The problem is being fixed now though). *does a dance* Oh yeeeea!

I already have an Alucard figure. I could sit them beside each other. ^^ Yay.

Alright kiddies. I'm off now!
*hugs all*

[edit]I put up a new wallpaper! *points down* Check it out guys. Give me some critique okay?[/edit]

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