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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Alright here's what went down yesterday! ^^

Aqua and I rushed out the door of our house around 11 in the morning and took a two something hour road trip to Tennessee(I know...not much of a road trip)to visit a couple of friends we haven't seen in about twoish years(not giving names -neaner, neaner-)

Once we got there we just sorta hung out, ate pizza, watched tv,(we don't have tv[sattelite,cable] here at our house...we have the internet though! Man...don't we love YouTube and Myspace videos! LOL)and played video games. It was a fun night. Then this morning they took us out to eat Denny's. It was yummy. I couldn't eat all of my food though because my stomach doesn't hold as much as it used to(I got a to go box ^^). I average about a meal, if that, a day. Third shift will do that to ya.

*waves hands around* Don't worry about it though! I'm never really hungry anymore...my stomach rarely informs me of such. Aqua says that it's becasue I haven't been eating a lot and its just stopped telling me that I am hungry. O.o Something about it getting used to my ignoring it... ??? Yea. o.O I'm tired all the time now days so she says I need to get some multi-vitamins if I'm not going to eat regularly so my body will still get the energy it needs.

But...I'm home now. ^^ LOL!

Our friends are planning on coming down to visit us once their baby is born. Yay babies! Babies are cute but I'm afraid I will break them or something. So I just look and don't touch. LOL! I can't wait!

So yea...We had fun...


I made some more wallpapers. Yay me. So far there are only three new Gaara ones... LOL! I'm all creative at the moment. So give me some critique on 'em kay. ...Might make another one later.

Here they are:

Gaara‘s Defense

Gaara‘s Rage and Sorrow

I was practicing with this one so I don't know whether it turned out or not. *laughs nervously*

The Chunin Exams

*hugs* I love you! ...and thank you for your response yesterday Blue!

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