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Saturday, April 21, 2007


yeah ok this gets on my nerves when I get half way through typeing my post then my internet decides to boot me. -.-
This didn't start until I got one of those updates for this thing.
makes me mad..
Well things have been pretty chaotic over here at my house.
My boyfriend is moveing from living with his grandparents and oldier sister to living with his mom. His grandparents live a town away from me. His mom lives not even a 5 minute walk from my house. If he steps out the door to her apartment he can see my freakin' driveway. Yeah that fact is a bit creepy in one way yet not so bad in another.
Anyways that's that.
I got some other family stuff going on too between me and my step dad and step brother.. what a joy that is.
I'm switching classes for my senior year up at my school, EHOVE Career Center.
Yeah I'm switching to General Trades class because that teaches you a little bit of every other program while your in it.
I found out I got to take one more year of school in order to graduate or at least one more semester if I want. At the very least the one more semester. So I could go back after my senior year and make up that one lab credit in whatever I want and make up the one art credit I need same time. Not so hard.
Also went and checked out a college yesterday on a class field trip.
I'm thinking of checking out somethings about colleges. Not sure if I wanna go or not. It'd be really great to have but I'm the type to not want to go to extra schooling unless dire needed. lol so yeah.
Well that's all of my rambleing.
I got Google Talk now too and it's added up at the top of my page.
See ya all later.
oh yeah I updated my DeviantArt and I'm gonna be adding more art here to otaku sometime soon. be sure to check that out.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

ah wore out yet again

My spring break went alright. My last day of it I wore myself out to no end.
I got DDR Super Nova now! :3
It's awesome cept for the backgrounds on it and the story like mode i gotta go through just to unlock songs. That mode in insanely hard -.-;
Well yeah but once I get the chance I am getting a diffrent copy of DDR.
Well yeah I been slapped with a bunch of school work I gotta do since we did go back to school today.
I slept in english class and got in trouble for it.. bleh hate my teacher.
Well anyways.
How's everyone doing?
Hope it's alright.
that's all from me for now.
~much love~

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Saturday, March 31, 2007


I'm excited today.
Lots of good stuff comeing up.
woo hoo!
Alright here we go:
My parents went out last night and got some stuff for my mom's old computer. They got to go out and get the last thing for it later today. SO! By the end of today I will have a nice new X.P. computer that accually works! woo hoo!
Ok second thing:
My mom said at first I couldn't go and see and my boyfriend this weekend because we spend a lot of time together as it is. Well I guess she changed her mind and he's comeing over today.
Third thing!:
My boyfriend kept talking about playing D&D. Well he got me to actually play and now I love it. :3 It's very customizeable and yeah you can do basically anything ya want with it. So we are going to be playing that today when he gets here. ^_^
My friend Tyler might be comeing over & I haven't seen him in a while.
I get my bike fixed this weekend so I can go out and enjoy this great weather we been haveing.
I actually got to come on here and leave you guys a nice update on junk with me. :D
I get the other computer up and running today and I will for sure be adding some pictures I got done recently and such. ^_^
Well I gotta get going cuz I gotta ready for my day today. ^_^
~much loves~

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

YAY for spare time

lol yeah I had some spare time this morning so I fixed the groupboard again.
That's running fully now & there is a url under the board for opening a page with just the groupboard on it.
I got the rules & the admins posted on the message board.
Now for me to head off once again to go finish school work. *sigh*
I'm trying to finish a book called Twilight for English class.
Our reports were due on the book we choose Wednesday. x.x It's saturday.
oh well better late then not at all.
Oh yeah!
Starting after labor day us kids in Ohio are gonna know what it feels like to be stuck in Japan.
After Labor Day Ohio is suppose to be starting year 'round schooling to try and up our smartness.
Anyways catch ya all around.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Clearing Friendslist

To all those who I do not talk to or haven't known for a while I am takeing you off my list you leeches!
ha ha ha ha!
yeah I got tired of looking at my extremly long friendslist so I am shortening it.
mewr mewr bye peoples who I don't know!
Have a safe trip!
~much love~

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I have edited most of my site and got it going to pretty much how I want it for right now.
There is one more thing I want to change and that's my picture above my post but I will get to that some other time!
I got my groupboard up and running again.
I took off my music player for now.
My Gabby chat is still running.
Sometime next week hopefully I will be adding some more art that I've done with my boredom time during school.
Well figured I'd let you guys know.
Catch ya later.

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Monday, March 5, 2007


k this is bugging me that I keep gettin' sidetracked by a lot of stuff..
eh oh well.
I'm sure ya'all understand.
Well I got this message in my inbox that says I never read it but I look at all my messages & it still won't go away.
I also cut down my messages from 2 pages to 1 & it's still there.
so difficult..
but yeah I had some free time before school so I popped in and said hi!
gotta go now

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Monday, February 12, 2007

hm... I shall say stuff *nods*

Yep yep.
Well I been looking through my comp and can't find to many other arts then what I already uploaded before.
Well things are going alright with me.
Been catching up on some school work and I was at my friends house over the weekend.
We got in this big sparring match in the middle of the road in front of my friend's house between me, him, our other friend and his girlfriend.
My friend's house that we were at his name is Sean.
Our other friend is Bruce.
Sean's girlfriend is Barbara.
I went against Sean and we were sorta even.
Bruce got me because he caught me off gaurd.
I went against Sean a couple of more times before we decided to make a movie between Bruce & Barbara sparring & went inside.
It was fun.
I'll post the links to the videos we make once we get a couple more of them done. Note these will be on youtube in case your comp can't play them.

Well I guess that's really about it from me for a little while.
Hope everyone is doing alright.
Catch ya later.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Art Things

I got all the art uploaded for tonight on here so enjoy. ^.^;;
I'll write myself a note to come back on tomarrow and upload more.
<3 Vampy

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   Hey look at that!

Yeah I am accually uploading more of my art finally.

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