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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Omgsh, have i posted sicne the beginning of the school year? so much has happened! i almost forgot how to add post ^^" anyways, today happened to be the 3rd anniversary/birthday of this account! i cant believe its been 3 years! i rememeber when i first made this account. it was on the old Dial Up computer that broke all the time. it was in my brothers room and i was home alone. it was gray and crappy outside. not like it was gunna snow. but sleet. it was gross and everything. and i remmeber being on the fone with thsi girl who i thought i'd be best friends with forever and she helped me build this site from a tiny structure to what it is today. ive lsot ALOT of popularity on myotaku.com because i was slowly drawn away from anime and to other things like real boys and high school drama. but today i cameto realize how much i really do love anime. it was when i almost burst into tears when i read something on quizilla about my anime love: Ryou Shirogane. I bought volume 18 of fruits basket last weekend. and i cant believe that volume 19 releases in less than possibly a week. have i been blinded fom everythign for THIS long? i cant even remember when the last shaman king was released. and yes, you ARE right. the only two mangas i actually keep up with now is Fruits Basket and Shaman King. Yes, i still do LOVE all the others that i've read and/or watched, but i cant keep up. if ive seent eh fulll season, i most probably will love it forever (ex: Gravitation, Loveless, Ouran High School Host Club, ect). Nevertheless, will i, Valon Cra-Z ALWAYS be a true anime fan at hart, even if i dont show it. Maybe tomorrow i'll wear my Tohru Honda shirt. It doesnt seem like such a bad idea. =D

P.S. YES! i will EVENTUALLY get around to chaning up the layout. >.>

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