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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

i havent been on sicne the day before school started! :O things have been great at school. i met a really cute and sweet guy named Jake. he doesnt wanna date anyone yet so im just waiting. my classes are in just the right order and i have no mean teachers. today 4 people nominated me for home coming queen lol
highs chool life has been crazy but chourus life is crazier. i have to sell heesecake and stuff but they are so expensive no one will buy. me and crissy have been getting a lot fo excersize and ive lost a lot fo weight. ive made a bunch of new friends too. i dont wanna go into too much detaila nd get u all snoring, so how about comenting on your high shcool, or middle school, or college is going for ya'll! and hwo your weekend was of course! ^^ have a wonderful, awesome day!

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