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Sunday, August 19, 2007

   School Starts!

School starts tomorrow for me! im really really nervous with it being my first day of high school but it might be fun. i went to ashleigh's high school musical 2 party. it was horrible. her mom really pissed me off. and i know u ppl dont know much about ehr but ehr house is so filthy i g home sicka nd all she does it fight with ehr mom. and i dont want to be her friend anymore. well, i told stephanie that (because she went only because she wanted to see me and jessica because she doesnt liek ashleigh but idk why ashleigh invited her if she knows steph doesnt liek her. makes no sense doesnt it?) well, steph totally agreed with me. but like the next morning icalled my mom as soon as i woke up and told ehr to pick em and steph up. so ashleigh sarts ebign a butt to me and i told her to elave me alone and she starts throwing a fit. so i take my stuff out of her room and into the living room. then her mom starts asking me liek a million tomes waht was wrong like 'whats wrong? u can tell me. i can help? whats bothering u?" and each time she would get more pushy. and since i didnt want to tell her ashl;eigh was being a complete @$$-hole, b!tchn i said i didnt want to tell ehr so she gets all pissed and goes "your being ruded. im the adult here and you should tell me" and i got pissed and said "no i dont have to tell u anything. u cant make me do anything" and then i called ejssica todaya dn she said ashleighs mom kept saying how rude i was. but whatever, her mom si just another good reason for me not to be freinds with ashleigh. so idc. sorry about my spelling. im over at stephs and its hard for me to type on ehr keyboard. im grounded formt he computer for a nother week i think. long story and tis really stupid. anyways....wish me luck in school! and uhm.....i got my hair done! it looks great! ill post a pic when i get a chance. sorry the post is so long! ttyl!

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Friday, August 10, 2007

   heya all

sorry i havent been on in a while
i was grounded for the time
and i just got back from asheligh's house
she came over to my hosue wednesday then that night i slept over at her hosue with jessica. thrusday we went to go see transformers, then i went home and ejssica stayed over another night adn this morning i woke up at 8 to get ready to be picked up by ash's mom to take me and ash and jess to the mall. ash adn her lil bro needed glasses.

transformers has got to be one of the best movies ive ever seen. the graphics are totally the best in my whole life. i loved it to freaking death. i still cant stop talking about it. my tranformers boyfriend ((jk lol)) jetfire wasnt in it :[ so sad huh? but i got a new bf his name is optimus prime (op for short xD) and jess got jelous because i ahd 2 bf's and she had one. her's was starscream, just because of the fact he's a traitor and is scary looking. ash wanted one too. she stole bumble bee (lol bee) makes me mad, he's my side dish. jking. we're weird like that. just like me and jess cant stop phrasing hairspray.

oooh! speaking of hairspray, ash's mom is a hairdresser and she's getting me a huge can of ultra clutch hairspray, the ones form the movie
kick ass am i right?

oooh now u got me talking about hair. im getting mine high lighted alot so it looks blonde. im trying to decide if i want to side aprt my hair. its side apreted now and looks good. but i like it in the middle. idk. i might just get high lights underneath too incase i start chaning my ming. :] cool no? lols

omg this post is so long

well, i better go. peace to ya'll!

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

like ::WOAH::

liek the new theme? i thought bubbles would be cutsie. anywho...i went and saw hairspray with jessica today! zac efron is still a major hottie. lols jessica kept looking at me everytime he came on to see if i was drooling or whatever lmao my new avatar is from the movie. lols OMG CORBIN BLEU! hes on tv right now! *squeals* tell me what i, what ive gotta do girl, to get through to u so i cant ease your mind. its all about u girl and if u dont know then u have got to deal with it! *lalalalal* ect lmao anywhos.........HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN AND COLE SPROUSE!

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Friday, August 3, 2007

   My Sexy Love

hey ya'll. i might go see Hairspray with my friend Jessica tomorrow. i hope i can, i freaking LOVE Zac Efron. Stephanie finally came back form NC and i got to see her today. I still don't know what to change my theme too.
i was thinking maybe inuyasha because ive been watching it at 2:00 lately after i read some HP. gimme some ideas on what themes would be cool. and no naruto kay? i cant stand it.

oh and by sexy love...i mean his (see below)
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His name si JetFire and he's my sexy robot lover
jk ♥

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

I got news

Im over him.

oh and my computer got a virus and my dad sweeped the computer and files and shiz got deleted but no worries now because everythign is set up and fine. [[explanation why i havent been on]] ((oh! and to go with my first statement, i will be changing my theme soon)) :D

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

something dani doesnt understand

she never holds him or talks about him when shes around her friends. he never holds her hand when they're together. she never shows up at his games. and when she actually does, she doesnt cheer for him. when they are around each other, they keep a lil distance. her with her cell fone, and him somewhere else. sometiems it seems they arent even together. but then he can go say that shes 'the nicest, most caring, hottest girl" there is. but i just dont see the magic. it seems dull around them.

if i were with him, i would hold him like i never would wanna let go. id grab his ahnd before he could even reach for mine. im at every game, every practice, every scrimage. i help out his team and i do anything and everything i can for them. im the loudest cheerleader in the stands, and im ever louder when he makes a great play or hits a home run. when im around him, i start up a convorsation and i talk like i never want it to end, but both of us are alughign and having a good time. i dont even have a cell fone, if i did, id call him every day. every night to tell him sweet dreams. i go around telling everyone how much of a great baseball player he is, how proud i am of him, how much he made me laugh, the times he made me smile. sometimes, i forget that he's adorable...and i just focus on how much he makes me happy. i have the mafic in me, i just wish he'd let me share that magic with him.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

   Y should I care???

y should ic are if he loves somone other than me? y should i care if hes younger than me? y should i care if my panretns think my cruching is ridiculous? should i just be happy that i get to spend time with him? should i be happy knowing that hes happy even if its with another girl? and y should i care that when he sees my name on a friend request he might deny it because of what it says? well, i dont. im not chanigng it just ebcause he might see it. yes, i DO #31 and im nto afraid to say it or write it. im not afraid of him seeing it and being weirded out. because right now i could walk right over to hsi house, kock on the door and say "curtis, i freaking like u so much that i cant get u out of my freaking head. so thanks for just soending time with me" and walking back home. im not afraid of telling this boy i like him. im not afraid to talk to him anymore. i enjoy any and every bit of time we ever have together. i enjoy it likes it could be the last. yes, hes got that one special girl in his life, but i dot care. i can still like him and be happy with him. when he talks to me im happy he actually knows i exist. but tell me on thing. why am i so hurt by this happiness?

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

sorry short post

hey im sorry this si so short. im going fundraising tomorrow for my lil bro's abseball team and i cant wait! :] well, i amde a hug thing so...hug me?


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Friday, July 6, 2007

   I sent a message to my friend explaining how i've been feeling lately.

thats cool. i went to practice today. afterwards i wa kinda just standing by myself while kevin adn curtis were talking until we gave him this car sticker to give to his mom, but since his mom never shows up, my mom took it back and gave it to one of the other dads who shows up all the time because he didnt have one. and i went "*gasp* mom u stole curtis's sticker!" and curtis laughed at that and went 'nooo! my sticker!' it was so much fun! and then i was talking with him (without freaking out omg) and we were laughing and i made him laugh adn i made him smile and then it all ended with throwing around the cooler and curtis doing handstands in the street. lmao it was so funny!! i was really really happy! his mom is ALWAYS late to places so we were wainting there an extra half hour for his mom to show and it was pretty fun. i think he's a boy scout or something because he's gotta go fishing tomorrow and theres a practice tomorrow at 11:00am and he doesnt wanna go fishing and he wants to go to practice, and if he goes to practice we're gunna pick him up and then after practice he's gunna come over to my house to hang out! omg im so excited! i hope he goes to practice! :] but dad said i cant go to practice because me and my dad had an argument but if i dont wake up in time to go to practice and curtis goes, and he comes to my house, hed be over when im odne waking up lol but i really wanna see him first thing in the morning. :] last saturday i woke up at 6:30 and at 8:00 we picked up curtis so i was half asleep and had a tummy ache but when i saw him i felt all better. i just love him sooo much! but since he has a girlfriend my dad wont let me like him and hes always making fun of me and saying mean things to me about curtis. he will abrely let me near him or talk to him. hes making it almost illegal to like him. and im pretty scared to even talk to him. and when i do i feel so happy. i know he has a girlfriend and ive met her and shes a sweet girl and i can see why he likes her, but cant i just be his friend? hes a nice, sweet, funny guy and i wish i could get just a little clsoer to him, even to be just friends. but my dad thinks that theres gunna be arguments and fights with his gf and that im gunna stela him from her. but im not that type of girl. idk whats up, but curtis makes me happy. and if he's happy, then i guess im happy too.

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

as for me not posting

as for me not posting, its because ive been at baseball all week long. every night my brother's baseball allstar team has been playing in a district tournament. its double eliminationa nd they only lost one. and wel, the tournaments over now. and my brother and his team now have a giant trophy for distric champions and a single trophy for each kid for winning first place. i had to wake up at 6:00 this mornign to get ready for the game at 10:00 and we had to pick curtis up at 8:00. i didnt feel good this morning but my sickness kidna went away when curtis got into the car. then my tummy was replaced with butterflies lmao. xD i really really like him. and he knows it lol im happy hes not really weirded out by it :] we got to take him back home today which we never get to do. and idk y but when we pick him up i really cant talk to him because im too scared to or i have nothing to say. but after today's championship win against an undefeated team thats been practicing withe ah other all year, it was really easy to talk to him about the game and such. he plays center field and he caught alot of outs today. it was really cool. and my brother was playing right field in some innings and caught an out or two. ive made friends with 2 step-sisters of one of our pitchers Chris. theit names are meg and jack. us and their mom are like the cheer squad for the team. we always get the team pumped up and cheer the loudest when we make great plays and stuff. and courtney, curtis's lil sister became a really good frined to me. and i guess our cheer squad became so famous, we made front cover of the sports section in the local news paper! lol everyday one or two of our boys makes the front cover for the newspaper. my mom's been keeping the article everyday. they get some really cool shots lol now that we've won championship we should get a nice picture in the paper tomorrow. i saw the newspaper guy taking some fotos today and stuff. i even got to take a picture with curtis with my camera. im gicing him a big huggie. lol but the thing is, when his girlfriend ashley comes, all she really does it sit on the belachers and she always gets there with curtis's mom in like the bototm of the last inning. for real. it makes no sense and u gotta pay to get into the park and stuff. and she doesnt clap or cheer. she just sits there. and i cheer the loudest for him and she doesnt do anything. thats what i dont get. im ecstatic about the things that go on with him and the team and i guess she doesnt care. idk i hope some day he gives me some chance. lol well, we get to go to Okeechobee in a few weeks for the state tournament. and if we win the first game (since its double elimiantion again) we might play the team we beat today for championship called South Lake. because both teams go to state. well, i bet this post is really long now and none of u know what im talking about but ill get out of your hair now. GO SPRING HILL ALLSTARS! WHOOOOO!!!!!!
(heres the pic with me & curtis ^^ just cuz the picture makes me smile :D)
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its even my desktop on my computer lol
oh! btw...my cheek says #99 because thats my brother kevin's number. my dad wouldnt let me wear curtis's too :[[[

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