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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The most overated game of all time is the crapshack called Halo, I have no clue why so many losers play that piece of cow dung. Whoever plays this game in my mind is considered a piece of cow dung as well, that game is just a rip off of 007 goldeneye in the future with crappy suits and even crapier guns, I rather have the swords from the chids version of robin hood where they used sticks as swords because at the end of the day those pieces of crap are just as useful as cammels toe if u know what I mean. Any way if your reading this and you dont agree with me then you can go to hell and rot there with sony bono because your opinion means just as much, but if you do agree with me than you are on of a few who have a life and wont spend half your life dwelling on a game that is the crappiest game ever made so my friends it is time to say goodbye, peace losers
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