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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Does Bonds deserve the record?
Barry Bonds has one home run to go to tie the late great Babe Ruth for second on the all time home run list with 714 carreer home runs, but does he deserve it, that is the question. Allegations have surrounded Bonds since the 2003 Balco incident when Bonds trainer, Greg Anderson, admitted giving performance enhancing drugs to some of his clients, how does this effect Bonds because Bonds admitts taking a clear substance but said he didnt know if it was steroids or not, but until he come completly clean I guess we will never know if he actually took the drug or not.
Recently a book was released by a couple of San Francisco Chronicle reporters saying they witnesed Bonds taking the substance by being injected in the buttocks by his trainer Greg Anderson, this new evidence has brought on a lot of people demanding the truth by Bonds himself saying he dosent deserve the record, of course he still has a way to go to reach the record held by Hank Arron of 755, but if he gets there people want him to know that they think he dosent deserve it but he has to get there before the people get to rowdy.
In my opinion I think the record should be his if he reaches 755 because untill there is really speccific evidence showing him or if it comes from his mouth then I think people should think posivitly instead of negativly and believe he diddnt do it until of course the hard evidence comes along then you people can do as you will, well untill next time people if you look somwhere between right and wrong you probably will find the truth, peace and good fortune people. Peace.

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