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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The other post.
I was lying when i said that.

I DONT WANT ryan to be my est friend.
I DONT WANT him to even be friends with me.

Hes such a fucking Big shot and he thinks EVERYONE likes him when in actuaality I have way more friends then he does.

Hes getting REALLY fucking annoying as far as that goes.


i like someone else now =]

Hes sweet and awesome...


but AMI would laugh at me if i told her...


but ANYWAYS, back to ryan.

He thinks that EVERYONE fucking likes him and that just because hes in some shitty garage band, that he is GOd.

AND on the other side of things....my best friend FLIRTS WITH HIM, all the fucking time.

Ugh....im getting REALL tired of that kid, and i think its time to tell him the truth...that hes really annoying!

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