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Sunday, January 13, 2008

   How ironic...
Lets get drunk you can drive us to the harbor...

i have that song stuck in my head....

So im sitting in my moms room....

i dont think i told anyone about last night...
Me, Melody, Cameron, and Jamal were outside and Jamal kept on screaming "THIS IS CASHMERE YOU FAT WHORE" out to EVERY car that went by...

and then we started talking about Zombies....
And there was this stalker Red vann thing that kept circling around the neighborhood...

Cameron had to cover himself underleaves because he stuck out like a white boy in a negro day parade....

then they had to go home...

now today i have nothing to do but CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN because my brother got wasted last night....

::annoyed face::



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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Soo cameron and jamal are here...

and dey are playing RockBandd......

and we are hanging...

and i AM BOREDDD...

so P.M me.......


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Thursday, January 10, 2008

   So i kept these inside...
Over break i wrote alot of poems...some i think are true and others that are depressing...

tell me whatcha think =]


I will miss seeing your smile.
i can't stand to see your face.
i love the way you talk.
i cry over you at nights.
all i think about is your smile.
all i want is for you to frown.
I hate seeing you laugh.
your laughter is the reason i live.
My life is pointless.
you are my life.
People laugh.
your a person.
i cry over spilt milk.
you poured a jug out onto the floor.

I told you i loved you.
you said to let it go.
I told you im sorry.
you just frowned and said no.

I hate you too

Why do you seem to want to hurt me?
Am I doing something wrong?
I swear I would never hurt you.
And I won’t be here that long.

Why do you seem to want to hurt me?
I know in your heart that you hate.
I know your anger is hunting for souls
But why does mine have to be bait?

Why do you seem to want to hurt me?
And I’m the only on that cares.
While you sit on your fucking ass
Your misery you share.

Why do you seem to hate me?
Actually, I believe your hate is true.
But, its faith and honesty that brings me to it,
I fucking hate you to.

The game

You see me as a weirdo
I see you as a pest
Although there’s nothing we have in common,
We are just like all the rest.

Different in so many ways,
Yet alike all the same
We do our lives in other ways,
But we still play the game

The game of life’s a hard one,
And we don’t get along
Some people do it right on track
But others do it wrong.


Love is a word of cherish and sway.
When you think about that someone every moment of the day.
When you think about the times you’ve spent with them and it made you happy.
Or the times when they made you mad, but in the end, you both burst out laughing.
Love can be described in so many emotions, despair, depression, and joy are some.
It’s a time when the hardest battles of your heart can either be lost, or they can be won.
Love is when that special someone gives you their faith, and their thoughts and opinions and trust.
When in the day you think to yourself ‘I need to be with them, I must!’
Love is when you want his or her hand for holding.
When you know that in your heart, a place for them is molding

SOO tell me whatcha think...please?


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Monday, January 7, 2008

   hey hey hey
sorry i havent been on for a while...

•To ignore the people who think they are better then EVERYONE and the people who seem to care a little to much about their apearence.
•To lose a little weight (NO I AM NOT obsessed with my appearence...i need to lose weight...its really essential to my health!!!)

thats it (other then getting my emotional stability level up and running again)

so...if you are reading this...tell me whatcha got for X-massss

and also tell me what your resolutions are...

My internet is gone!!! so i really wont be on here from time to time...well...no ill be on during schooll.....

For Christmas i got
•Fly Pentop Comp.
•Digi. Camera!!
•Aqaurium (with plastic fish)

man...it would suck if i kill those fish =P...


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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hey everyone,

how are you guyezez?

im in computer in band...again
how fun!

i wonder where Ami is though...

taylor said she was in her locker

awwwwww...wheeldreyer just closed the door, so she is late....

Will was being a butt head and dropped my Baby jaguar cup =[


i wanna talk to ami but she not here yet!!!


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Friday, December 14, 2007

told ya i would add more...

out of school now, think i gonna call mel...

well anyways,


just figured out the me mel and morgan are hangin tonight!!

hehe well see how that one goes!!

much love ¢¾¢¾¢¾


P.s ill update laterrr


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im the computer lab right now,,,

we were supposed to be in band, but instead we came here instead of family life...

the HSM theme keeps on playing....SO ANNOYING!!!

and there it goes again



i hink my new theme just surprized AMI...

lol (silently)...



this is more boring then computer class...


and im in the same room!

welll, ill update later, kay?


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Monday, December 10, 2007

   OK, SO...
i AM adding another rule to MY WEBSITE.


if you come onto this site and talk bad about gays, or say the words faggots or fruits... dont expect to be talkin to me anymore...

i mean, its a lifestyle choice...and its DEFINETLY NOT for someone to make fun of...

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Changed it again....but man...i RELLY like this one!!!

tel me whatcha think [[again]]

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

   New page

what's been up with you guys?

well, as you probably noticed...i got a new page style!!

hehe i likeee it...

tell me whatcha think about it, kay?

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