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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

   Thank the High Heavens, I'm actually BACK!!!

Hey guys (and girls) of all ages, this is UNLOVED GIRL, NOT CANDYGIRL, but UNLOVED GIRL. It's been way too long but at least I'm here, right. I'm soo happy that my friends still came in my absence and I thank Candygirl for covering for me while I was away. Well, It's been over 2 long months, so, it's time for everyone to catch up with what's happening in this circus that I call my life...

Well, I signed up for this anime class to learn more of the one of my loves in my life, and it was cool. It would of been cooler if I actually would have been able to go to more of the classes, but it was cool all the same. I've been playing a huge amount of basketball, and huge is an understatement. I went this 4 day, 3 nite basketball camp in Orlando and I probably played basketball for about 32 hours of crappy basketball (I couldn't play well to save my life). Though it wasn't my fault, my stupid team I was assigned to wouldn't pass me the ball to save their skins. At least I kept the player I was guarding from making a single basket in all my games. Until someone tripped me while I was running full speed and crashing into my "teammate" neck first and making me have this bruise on my neck where an artery is and making it soo I couldn't run or I would be in this throbbing pain, so I had to miss an important game, unlike it mattered. The only good part was the fact I got to become friends with my new High School Team, who (don't tell ANYONE!!!) seem to be a bunch of girls (not all of them, though) who are either sluts or druggies and a couple are 1 and the same. Yet they seem cool and some are really nice, though one of my better friends on the team, I found out, is lesbian. Then, it came out in the open that I never kissed a guy on the lips before and I was the only person on the team that hasn't and doesn't tha make me feel special. (Even the other new freshmens have ad that meakes me feel worse.) After that, my friend and I stayed an extra day with my family (yes, my fam's soo over protective that they even followed me to a sleepaway camp in ORLANDO!!!) and I cgot my course of being a woman right before we went to Blizzard Beach (@*#% IT!). Now, I was supposed to go to another camp oin my city, and the first day of the camp, I came down with a flu, and today was supposed to be the second day of camp and I had to miss it, too. I don't even believe that I 'll make it to the rest of the camp and I had to miss the first game of my life yesterday and I hate it.ISN'T LIFE GREAT? Whatever, at least I have u guys to talk to again,though I got the internet 5 months after my mom said we were getting it back (just like I prophsized).

On the brght side, I started this manga and the storyline is really cool and everthing is going swell, other than this one problem... I can't draw for my like, so if any wants to help me out with the mechanical part of my story, you would have my solemn loyalty till the day I die...

Now I must take my leave so I can visit your sites and share that news to everyone else... Now don't get too happy or u might end up like this guy

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