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Monday, March 9, 2009

it's really been a while, but then again, I don't post hardly at all anymore. I had almost forgotten about myo. Normally, if I post at all, it's on theo.

Well, other than my accident at school (which is explained on theo), nothing much has been going on. I've been reading Jurassic Park for the last couple days and spent both Saturday and Sunday with Daniel. Pretty fun. We went and saw Watchmen and then yesterday we went to see his grandmother. She's really sweet and I don't think I have ever seen a woman love a dog as much as she does. Charlie's completely spoilt!

Well, g2g. Almost time to go to school... ^_^

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

wow, it's been a while ^^' Let's see: since the last time I posted there was Prom , my big AP History test(which the results should be coming in any time), the end of school (which was very sad and happy at the same time. I can't wait to go back ^^'), and my week at MTSU for Volunteer Girls State just ended Saturday. All were great ^^ Especially VGS: it was a combination of the lock-in and prom with the twist of politics, it was so awesome ^o^

And now I'm back to babysitting for the rest of the summer with the hope that in a month or so we go to Orange Beach, Alabama where some friends of the family just moved ^^' It's going to sound so lame, but I have never been to the beach ^^' Rarely been out of the state, and then mostly just a mile over the border except when we get lost ^^'

Yeah... that all that I want to go into detail about ^^' It would take to long, but I will say that at VGS it was so weird because my room was haunted by a ghost ^^' I left at one point to let my roommate (Mariah) change and as she let me back in my cd player POPPED on and started playing in the middle of song number 12 (Never Had a Dream Come True by SClub 7). What was really wierd was that we didn't even leave off on that song ^^' So, anyway, we looked at each other, screamed, and then ran out of the room to find a councilor. No one believed us but I swear this happened. Well, anyway, for the rest of the night, people on our dorm level tried to scare us. I caught them at one point ^^' I came out of the bathroom as they were sneaking down the hallway to our room and whispered "Hello, what ya'll doing?" and everyone turned around with a deer-caught-in-the-headlights expression. One girl didn't know that I was Amanda and tried to tell me their prank, which I just smiled and nodded while laughing my insides out, and someone had to whisper to her who I was. It was hilarious! So, to spare further embarrassment, I just smiled, said goodnight, and went to the room, leaving them discussing whatever was next to come up. I told Mariah and this other girl who was visiting about it (Mariah wasn't as amused as I was over the whole situation) and she stuck her head out the door and said "Hey, who over there has balls?" and when they started walking forward, she dared them to do the whole bloody Mary deal. They all ran back to their dorms. Literally ^^'

Wow, okay this thing has gotten long enough ^^' Okay, to wrap it up about the whole ghost thing, I thought someone had died because the song that came on was the song I always thought of when I was going out with one of my exes ^^' He's alright though. I went and checked to make sure and he was fine so yeah... ^^' I'm almost paranoid XP

Well, g2g. I have to get up early tomorrow.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

I'll be updating theO most of the time now ^^' But don't worry, I'll be back here everyone once in a while ^_^ I just didn't want ya'll to think I died or something ^^'


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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Buenos dias everyone!

Sorry about not being on in a while ^^ We've been on spring break and I've been painting tis week and my type A personality kicked in. When I get caught up in something, I forget everything else ^^' I have to say, though, that my painting turned out well. It's a very colorful sunset beach with palm trees ^_^ And the next one I'm going to start has mountains in it ^^

Let's see, what else? Oh! Cofie is going to spend the night tonight *yay* So I have to go through and clean and stuff, and then hide her birthday present ^_^' or wrap it one... I'm so lazy it's not funny *sighs* And Katie's friend, Tiff, is here so that will make matters more interesting. Both of their boyfriends are in ROTC down in Centerville and the military ball is tonight so right now they're working on each others hair and makeup ^^' Nearly seven hours early...

And my wrist is better. I stopped wearing the brace last Saturday and my muscles are finally strengthening ^^ It still hurts every once in a while if I over-exert it, but as it is, it's fine now ^_^

Well, that's about it. Hopefully I'll have another part of my story to post soon. ttyl

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Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patty's!!!
Hello everyone ^^ This post won't be very long I'm afraid. It's kinda hard to type (I'll explain in a minute ^^)

How was green day? Did anyone get pinched? The girls and boys at school were playing a "hush" game today. All the boys were given shamrocks and they had to give it to first girl they talked to. Whichever girl had the most by the end of the day was crowned the "Queen of Green." If people were really going by the rules, though, I would have wound up with at least three ^^' I didn't press it though. I really only wanted one and he was happy to oblige <3

Well, today was alright but Spanish. The teacher was on another power trip and being a big ***. Oh well. I doubt he'll be back next year anyway ^^'

What else? Nothing much. This weekend was a lot of fun: On Saturday I went with Ryan's family to pick out a tux for prom (it's a good thing my dress is black), came home and played an hour game of ERS (I'm getting good at that particular card game) then we all went to my uncle's house for a fish-fry where we eat and me, Katie, Ryan and my cousin Andrew wrestled on the trampoline ^_^ It was really rough and I wound up dislocating my wrist ^^' It's now stuck in a brace and I can't hardly type without pushing a lot more keys than what is needed.

The bad thing was my wrist didn't start hurting until church yesterday morning. It popped, started hurting and then I popped it back into place and tried for two hours not to move it ^^' When our church group went out to lunch I forgot I need two hands to eat a taco though. That was entertaining

Well, I'm going to go. My fingers are going numb. Sorry: I didn't intend for this post to be so long ^^' I'm also going to start posting on theO too. Thank goodness for copy &paste ^^' It'll be the same post, so to whomever reading this: don't worry about visiting both ^_^ ttyl

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Well, how is everyone? Sorry once again for the absence ^_^ I've been all over the place lately and I have a habit of forgetting this place *looks around* It's a mess, but I'm not going to complain ^^ Life's good ^_^ Yesterday I went with my brother and sister to the theater I plays and met up with a bunch of friends. It was great! I've never heard such noise coming from a group of kids and that's really saying something ^^'
It was really weird: I woke up in a really good mood (extremely rare: I haven't felt that good in years) and stayed that way all day long. And then to add to it, I had really, REALLY strong coffee before lunch thanks to Mr. Penner, the 9th grade English Teacher. I couldn't smell or taste it (since I've been sick) but after about the third sip my heartbeat was twice what's normal ^_^' It was awesome!
Speaking of sickness, I've had a cold for nearly two weeks. It's taking forever to shake it *sighs* At least I've got plenty of reading done. I've been re-reading Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series ^^

I've also (in the last twenty minutes) decided I like this band ^^ *listens intently to another of their songs* So far Missing Pages is my favorite, along with Shattered Life ^^I wonder if I could find a cd at walmart lol.

Also, has anyone been watching Drag Race High on the Speed channel?

Well, I need to go. I'm dead tired and I have plenty still to do.


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Monday, February 18, 2008

Wow, today's been a rough day. I had to get up early this morning to go babysit(watched three episodes of saved by the bell and eight episodes of CSI at their house), got home at 4:40, then went to bed ten minutes later ^_^' I woke up at 6:30, eat, talked on the phone, then got on the computer. Heaven knows I don't do that enough now days. Thank goodness for a three day weekend ^^ Too bad I had too much going on to do much homework.

Speaking of this weekend, it's been a lot of fun! Saturday was Valentine's exchange day for us around here so both my and my sister's boyfriends came over to hang out. Then yesterday I went to church, and fell again when he and Katie chased me around a tree ^^' That makes four out of six times I've done that. At least it wasn't at the movie theater this time ^^' Falling up the stairs kinda hurts! Well, anyway, after all the clumsiness (I landed in muddy water) and a change, we then went back to church for evening services.

Does anyone else like this song? It popped into my head earlier when I was reading my messages and I decided to switch to country music for a day on here ^^' I also went through and changed my site the other day, but it probably won't be up for long. I'm not quite sure what I want to do yet.

I still can't comment (is this everyone or just me?) so tomorrow if I have time I'll visit everyone and send comments through pms.

Goodnight everyone!

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Good Morning ^^
Well, this week hasn't been interesting ^^' Last weekend I bought an MP3 and have been downloading songs on it. I even managed to put the Kingdom Hearts 1 theme on it ^^ Which, I'm not sure if I announced it, but I beat it a couple weeks ago ^_^ Yay! Ummmm... what else? Got out of school Wednesday (and I got out of babysitting); watched Surfs Up at school yesterday (great movie) along with the ending of Spider-Man 3 ^_^

Valentine's Day was funny because Cofie had to carry a pink hedgehog, and a pink balloon was taped to the inside of her locker *laughs maniacally* I handed out all of these little butterfly-kitten cards to everyone, too ^^

I've also hit a breakthrough on my story. I've been hovering in limbo for a while on how I was going to write the next chapter but now I know ^_^ I'm going to have Shard and Aiden kill each other! *mwaaaaaaaaa* Well, yeah...
And I also have a bunch of essays to write still ^^' Two are for contests and the other two are for AP. History ^^

Is anyone having problems commenting? I can't for some reason so sorry if I don't make it around ^^'

Well, Ig2g or I'll be late to school ^_^ ttyl

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Friday, February 8, 2008

wow...Hello ^^'
It sure has been a while ^^' How is everyone doing?

Well, a lot has been going on lately. Mostly falling and general clumsiness but somehow I've managed not to break anything yet *laughs* It's just a matter of time ^^ My computer died Tuesday and we just got it fixed late last night. Ummmm... All of he 11th grade took the writing assessment yesterday and it was horrible. What else? Oh! I found out that one of the cousins is getting married at the end of May to a woman that I might have to smack. Hmmmmmm... You know, that's about all I can think of for now.

I'm off to make sausage balls.

Did anyone get caught up in that storm series from the other night?


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Friday, January 18, 2008


My friend Ashley just called a little while ago and GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! SHE'S GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I seriously can't wait! And I've been invited (I'd crash anyway) but the only problem is it's going to be in California *cries* So I've got to find a way to attend (if I'm not allowed to go, I may just have her put the wedding on webcam ^^') if she doesn't change her mind about not having it here ^_^ YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'VE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY FOR SOMEONE IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!

*coughs* Okay, I'm sane again ^^ But how amazing is that? The dude's name is Joe (or, for anyone from school that knows him, it's "Jesus") and he's flying her down to California this summer to formally propose ^_^ She's so happy!

Ummmm... wow, everything else I had been planning to post pales in comparison ^^' I went to the dentist Tuesday (everything's good) but I possibly have to go this summer and get my wisdom teeth cut out (which haven't even begun to come in). I also got sick and had to skip babysitting. Wednesday I went and got my permit renewed, then Thursday we were out for snow (I had to babysit all day long), and today was nothing but school. Although, I have to say that it was weird when my Spanish teacher put a half naked boy on the smartboard and we got to dress him (one of those internet dress-up games). Yeah... what did that have to do with Spanish again? Oh well.

Oh, and on another note I may be getting a laptop tomorrow ^_^

Well, I g2g. I've talked your ears off enough as it is.



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