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Monday, June 12, 2006

   Long time no... post!
OMFG! It's been like... forever since I last posted here, lol. Like, months. And unfortunately I still won't be able to post for another three weeks after this [am actually doing this at college at the moment]. Basically this is a slight update as to where I am in life at the moment. Things at home have been hectic. Tomorrow I'm going into hospital for my surgery [if you don't know what it's for, then please don't ask, because it's personal]. That will take 2-4 hours, I'll be in hospital for two weeks and will most likely be recovering at home for another week after that. But it's all good, I'm going to be borrowing Katsumi nee-chan's kyuubi tails to help me heal up quicker ^_~ Anyhow, I'm extremely sorry for my long absence, but yeah, as I said, things here are hectic, and basically um.. oh yeah, before I forget, lol, I've actually made the AMV for BlAiZeD *glomps* 'cept I haven't been able to host it on youtube yet because it's being a bitch to me. Anyways, when I get back from hospital hopefully I'll be able to do that a.s.a.p. Um... what else? I've been really busy studying for exams and crap, as well as doing assignments, lol. I have had to hand in 5 essays in this week alone, next week there's another 4 due but they've given me an extension because of the hospital thing *le sai* thank god. Um... has everyone else been alright? Seriously, it's been like... two or three months since I was around last. I feel sort of guilty for neglecting you guys [haha, will be backdate-commenting when I get back, too, so that'll take a few days XD]. Anyways, take care peeps, love you all! [unless I don't, then I probably hate you? o_O heh heh]. Keep the peace.
Love, Uney/Shinjitsu-chan/Verity ^_^

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