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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

   *le sai*

Well, I've had a shitty weekend. Matter of fact, it just got worse and worse, but then it got beter. Sort of. Anyway, Friday night I end up finding out a few things about my childhood that were apparently so traumatic I blocked them out of my memories. Heh, part of which was the my sisters both hated me so much, but whatever, only my LJ friends will know about that.
The rest of the weekend, well that's also somewhat private, too, but it was extremely stressful. However, yesterday I enrolled in an extrenal subject at Avondale, and basically got accepted. Also half of the fees were paid by the church that I usually go to, lol. I'm pretty happy about that because for one thing, I do their main church & youth websites, plus I write out their bulletins and e-mail bulletins, also I manage the PA systems and such, but still it was nice of them to do that. Appologies for the lateness of my post, like, I should've basically done this by now, what with the contest and all. So without further ado, I shall announce the winners:
First Place: Harikiri
Second Place: BlAiZeD
Third Place: Windswept134
So... 1st place: An AMV made by me dedicated to you and a Wallpaper with the pictures of your choosing (words, colors, texture, etc, etc)
2nd place: Either an AMV made by me, dedicated to you, or a Wallpaper of your choosing
3rd place: I make you a banner
So yup, please choose your prize, and hopefully I can come through. For those that participated, um... *glomps* there, that's for Reno_The_Turk and Magnus_Lensherr ^_^
Um... so... shout-out to Kira-sama (EdWillSoS) and usssop o_O ..Ooh, I almost forgot my HP emoticon of the day, lol.

yup, 'tis an angry Tom Riddle & Basalisk. Hmmm... quick promo:

...that's about it. I'll probably be on myO less now because of studying, working, etc, etc. Catch ya'll later, peeps!


old AMVs:

New Naruto Opening

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Thursday, April 6, 2006

   ZOMG! *dies*

lol, w00t! I'm so bloody excited!! The new Naruto Opening/Ending's out (shown in my info part under ze 'pets/hatchlings' or whatever on the AMV). While I still remember, here's the old AMV:

Gundam Seed Destiny AMV::WARNING::SPOILERS
So anyways, I was slightly OTT whilst being sleep-deprived and on a sugar high (yup, 1L of ice-cream can do it to you...) I forgot to put the terms & conditions, etc, etc, of the little 'contest'... thing... Anyhow, here they is... or are:

Captions Contest#1part II, lmao!
Basically you have to come up with captions for each of the following pictures.
1. 2. 3.
The prize is basically... well:
1st place: An AMV made by me dedicated to you and a Wallpaper with the pictures of your choosing (words, colors, texture, etc, etc)
2nd place: Either an AMV made by me, dedicated to you, or a Wallpaper of your choosing
3rd place: I make you a banner

lol, I know they sort of suck, and as for the AMV, it may take a while and it can only consist of a few episodes of Naruto, or the Yu-Gi-Oh movie, or FFVII ^_~ but it's from me to you! With love! >_> *cough* Anywho... um... yeah, I'm off to try and fix it now (and if I can't make the AMV for you, then you get to pick what you'd like from me. Hell, I could even give you my phone number or something, lol, I don't really care about that because I'm more scary than a stalker =_=) XD *glomps* peace out peeps!

(Shout out to somegirl & sand dragon 19)

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006


Mood: Amused
Listening To: Wind ~ Akeboshi

...yup yup, steam... no idea why I just put that as the subject, but hell, it just popped into my head (indeed, stuff like that happens a lot to me... random thoughts... it's rather exciting to think that I'm thinking o_O;; ^_^) HP emoticon of the day:

'tis called 'Harry Wub' ^_^ lol, yup, one of the many emoticons I've made, and it had to be a sappy one *le sai* I do prefer my Draco ones, but anyways...
wow! Thank you guys for the comments! Lol, I feel all warm inside - yeah, I just had a hot drink and it warmed me up XP Lol, anyways, nah it's nice to know that people actually like my site and such, lol. My site hates me, though =_= I'll kill it one day, I'm sure, lol. Anywho, my appologies in advance for anything I say or do that will offend you, because I tend to do that. Offend people with my stupidness (yup, 'tis highly offensive *stupefies you*) XD
Lol, I was looking through some of my screenshots and thought "hell, why not have a little captions contest?" So here goes:

Captions Contest #1
1. 2. 3.

ignore the words in the second one, lol
So anyways, it's 1:22am and I've decided I'm goig to stay up all night/day now. Basically I have to go out at 8:30 this morning, and I have overnight DVD's that I hired and haven't watched yet, so I'll be watching them after I finish this post. The DVD's are 'Dungeons & Dragons - The Elemental Might', 'Arabian Nights' and 'Mean Girls' *shudders* I don't know what possessed me to get the last, because I was going to get The Ring 2, lmao! But such is life, I paid for it, so I may as well watch it -_-
Hey, is anyone else here on LJ? Because like, I'm bored and such (even though I'm busy as hell, besides the DVD's, lmao), and well I like to make layouts now and then, and I'm in a layout-making mood (am going to change mine again soon), so here's my offer. Valid until Saturday my time, lol. Ooh, I made a few LJ FO Banners a while back:

eh, this one stretches the page <-click!
^just a few examples

..omfg! This post is full of pics today @_@ *dies* Sorry about that, lol, and sorry about the long-windedness o_O;; I got a bit carried away (as per usual). Will end abruptly now with the old AMV XD Peace out!


^I love this AMV!!

...and because I can't resist, just a shout out to the following people (VISIT THEIR SITES, PEEPS!!!)

...okay, yeah, too many people, sorry XD

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   Too much theorizing...

HP Icon of the day

Well, today I woke up at 1:50pm... seriously, this is getting worse, and the only reason I woke up at that time was because I'm practically baking in my room (eh, I live in the shed outside, and it has no insulation whatsoever). Even with the fan going full-blast, it's just blowing hot air @_@ so yeah, I went inside the house, had a cold shower, and came back to my computer XD Anyways, I finished watching everything but the 'Incredible Journey of Mary Briant'... 'Unleashed' was awesome, and for an 80's kung-fu japanese-chinese movie, 'Crying Freeman' was pretty good too XP But the Mary Bryant movie is just... soooo.. loooong.... ~_~ Anyways, I'm gonna say a huge thank you to Caprice!! I don't know what I'd do without you ^_^ lol, yay, now my scrollbar's colored. Oh yeah, I decided to finally change my av (because the glaring naruto with blue whiskers and eyes was getting a little annoying). Indeed, my new av: iReturned XD Major spoiler, but meh, stiff shit -_- And my new wallpaper, was made by my awesome sis, Mana (gekkou) ^_____^ ARIGATO PEEPS!
Old AMV:

Also, yeah, I changed the song again. From Snoop Dogg to All 4 One, lol. I love this song, it's one that was played at my best friend's dad's wedding to her step mum o_O;; and I was the DJ, lmao! XD gawd I miss her D: *le sai* Anyways, my head hurts and I'm hungry. Peace out!

edit: lol, yeah, keep the current wallpaper (wrong choice of words before, my bad!)

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006


w00t!! One of my many HP emoticons I've made, lol. Remus flippin' the bird ^_^ Will be posting emoticons I've made with every entry, just to attempt to bore you less.

Anyways, ooh, it seems I've been doing quite a lot to my site, lol. Firstly, I figured out the transparency filter thing. Secondly, there's also the page border thing. Thirdly, there's the scrollbar moved to the left-hand side of the page. Fourthly, there's the 'about me' table (meh, took me forever, and I can't be bothered fixing it to look perfect =_=). Fifthdedly, I've once again changed the AMV:

Sixth-sensedly, I've fixed up a marquee for showing some of the avs I've made... and finally (erm... seventhly?) I've changed the stupid song XD *le sai*. Anyways, my appologies to anyone that happened to come around here when this was all in the process of happening, because more than once everything ended up in one big mess, lmao! (thank god for the 'undo' button in word) ^_~ Now to find out how to get a colored scrollbard XP
And so, I'm off to finish watching the DVD's I got from Video Ezy, lol. Since they're over-night ones, I have to finish watching them by tomorrow afternoon when I have to drop them back off again, lol (Cheap Tuesday = $1.99/DVD or Video. 4 at the most). I got 3 myself and our boarder decided to use my card so she got one, too =_= which deprived me of one more, lol. Anyways, I've watched 'Unleashed' (awww... Jet Li *glomps*), half of 'The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant', and have still to watch 'Crying Freeman'. So... without further ado, I shall bore you no more. Peace out!


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   So tired...

...so anyways, lol, I've updated again. Firstly, yeah you may have noticed, the AMV's once again changed, lol, the old one's here:

('twas made on one of my 'boredom' days, I'm afraid). Anyways, moving on... methinks I'll be changing the mp3 thing again too, I mean, I like the song and all, but it's becoming monotonous *rolls eyes*. In a few minutes my online comics list will be updated, so stick around for that ^_^ So, what's new? Lol, well last night I went out to the shop to buy myself some groceries... ended up buying a 3L bottle of milk, 2L tub of ice-cream and three kid's magazines =_= seriously, that's just sad.. (wait, I did buy some fruit - for Mum - and some dog food, for the people that took care of Yogi while we were looking for a home for her [they work in kennels])... So anyways, the reason I bought the kids magz is basically... well, I saw Luffy on one of the covers -_- rotflmao! on the K-zone mag, it had the title "Meet One Piece [Trading cards & espisodes guide]" so I just couldn't resist, because, well, Australia really does suck when it comes to anime or manga, and it's just so rare to see something so cool in a mag like that (they usually have Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, Pokemon and occasionally... omg... wait for it... TRANSFORMERS) XDD *dies*
The 'Disney Adventures' mag turned out to be crap... definately not worth $4.99, especially since I'm broke, lol. Though D-Mag actually had One Piece temp. tattoos ^_____^ lmao! I'm seriously thinking of heading back to my old psychiatrist... perhaps she can hook me up with obsess-less pills -_- Anyways, other than that, I just worked on getting the Pimped Otaku Club up... and yeah, that's all. So how was everyone's day? Done anything interresting? Meh, I'm off to LJ now, lol, peace out peeps!


Edit: rotflmao! Sorry, I actually changed the mp3 with an even stupider one XD but I needed a laugh -_- Ahem:
This track was performed live on triple j in 2005 when Jens visited Australia for the first time. It's not available on CD. Jens recently toured Sydney and Melbourne for St Jerome's Laneway festival.

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Monday, April 3, 2006

   I'm hungry...

...well it's 2:23pm, and I just woke up 2 hours ago, lol. Haven't eaten anything yet. Anyways, just thought I'd update stuff a bit. I've changed my wallpaper to another one that I've made. Will be changing my av as well, soon. Hmmm... what else? Oh yeah, I added an adopted pet. That's right, I pwn Kiba XD
Well, in other news, I forgot to say that Yogi's finally found a new home (that's my dog that I had to give away) *le sai* I'm really going to miss her. So like, loneliness has amp'd up x100,000,000 ~_~ But whatever, it's apparently a really good home, so I'm happy for her. Um... what else? Lol, I've been working on a few things for friends and such, so I won't be doing any wallpapers or e-cards in the next week or so, unfortunately :( But meh, such is life, I can't help that. And well, that's about it. Hope everyone's had a good week, and I hope you guys have a great week this week ^_^


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Sunday, April 2, 2006

   OMG Yosh!!

Lol, it's been like... a whole two days since I've been online *dies from withdrawl* noooo So anyhow, I had an extremely busy day yesterday... and today... ack, I hate daylight savings crap =_= even though I got 'an extra hour's sleep', it's just freaked out my daily routine of... well, actually, it hasn't, but it's a good excuse to be even more weird ^_^ Try it some time ^_~

So anyways, I've been looking at other peoples sites, and OMFG *jel-us x100,000* =_= you people just suck... because you're too good... well, really, you don't suck and that's the problem -_- *le sai* Sorry if I'm confusing you... because this will happen a lot. Oh yeah, I added a few friends, but I haven't changed my friend's list at the bottom yet (my bad, sorry dudes!) Ah, I got to see lala-chan's LJ today, lol, and I'm so proud of my lil sis ^_^ I miss her so much, though. Eh... who's hungry? I AM!!! Lol, it's 11:25PM though... and like, I already had the world's biggest dinner *burps* eh, 'scuse me -_-

So, I'm not the most lady-like girl in the world, but whatever, I can kick your ass so it doesn't matter ^_~ Oh yeah, if anyone has LJ and wants a Naruto mood theme set, just um... well comment on my LJ, lol. (click the pic at the very top under the 'scroll down' by the way, people, if you didn't get the "^my LJ" note) ^_~ Sooo... pointless banter, plus I'm going to get back to commenting on peoples sites, because I'm off to bed (omg 'tis a miracle! *dies*). Well, you see, I got woken up 'early' this morning, like 2 hours after I went to sleep (that's right, I got woken up at 8am XD), and since then I've had a full-on day... not to mention yesterday was all over the place, and omfg Anita's gone! She's like... well, yeah, she's moving up to Bowen/Queensland now, so wow... one less friend to converse with around this hell-hole; which leaves... no one else o_O;; *goes into donkey mode* 'cuz I'm all alone... there's no-one here beside me... eh, sorry, I'm leaving now -_- And when I wake up, I'll get started on making quizzes and wallpapers and e-cards and such... and possibly start with the fan art *shudders* not my forte, but whatever. Peace out!


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Thursday, March 30, 2006

   wtf? omfg!

...actually, there's no point to the 'subject' of this post, just I was listening to that song thing... ('she frickin' blocked me') lmao! Anyways, I have another new obsession. That being: GRAVITATION, BITCHES!!! XD (minus the 'bitches', if you haven't heard of it by the way -_-). So yeah, in my LJ I basically shifted my layout around and OMG YAOI LOVE!! ^_________^ Oooh... before I forget, the previous AMV:

*le sai*
I'm now trying to make some new (cooler) graphics... actually, I've been totally bored and last night made a few wallpapers, lol. Samples:
Ed and Envy Yuki and Shuichi Shikamaru and Women
I actually submitted the last two for wallpaper, lmao! *snickers* shika and women XD *le sai*... anyways, the first one (Ed/Envy) was dedicated to my lil sis, Lala-chan [username: pirate alchemist], and the Gravitation one was dedicated to my older sis, Mana [username: gekkou]. OOOooh!! Um... actually, I forget what I was going to say. Never mind. Will be advertising for Pimped Otaku later, like... perhaps Sunday.. because I'm busy all day today and tomorrow *le sai* Ciao all!

OMFG!! 50 GB entries! YATTA!! (yeah, I'm easily excited -_-)

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

   Ooh, I'm back!!

Lol, sorry for the couple of days AWOL, but unfortunately I have parents that hate me and well (yeah, I'm 19 and I still live with my parents -_-), they decided I had enough internet for a while, so basically I had to make do with hiring DVD's the past few days ~_~ *shudders* Horrible... just horrible. Lol, anyhow, I did enjoy the movies because, well, I'm easy to please, I guess. They've been: 'A Very Long Engagement', 'Pride & Prejudice', 'Wallace & Gromit The Curse of the Were Rabbit', 'Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence' (I loved the first one, so this one was pretty cool), and 'Harry Potter' (GoF)... sad to say I hadn't seen GoF 'til just now, lol, and even then it was a little disappointing. Oh yeah, the next AMV's about to go up, so here's the last one:

...and to those that have signed my guestbook during my absence, I'll make sure to sign yours as soon as possible... oh yeah, lol, one other thing. I've been reading Tsubasa: RC lately, but I've only been able to get up to Chapter 29 of downloads of the scanlations. Anyone know a good site I can get the scanlations from? *le sai* Catch ya'll later, peace out!


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