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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

   Vampires suck....no, really, they do!
:D Okay, so I'm lame and dorky. Who cares? I'm hot, I can get away with it. :D

So anyways, being that I am so lame and dorky, I just randomly googled "Vampire: the Masquerade" hoping to get some really cool vampire pics that I could plaster on this thing.
After wading through pages of crap all pertaining to the VtM computer game (which I am a proud dorky owner of) I came up with a bunch of poorly dressed posers playing around at being Lestat/Jean-Claudde/Dracula/whatever.
Are vampires really such a joke now? I mean, gimme a break. If one of those jacked up geeks caught me in an alley and told me he wanted my blood, I'd tell him to kiss my ass before I took his lunch money. What happened to vampires being seductive and damned? Forget Anne Rice's portrait of the tortured being, and screw Hamilton's hypersexual fang-banger--where's Stoker's fallen count and Byron's jilted lover?
Those are the vampires I prefer: the cold-hearted, unforgiving beast; understanding of his nature and unapologetic. That's cool. What I really can't stand are the Louis-clones. You know what I mean: "Oh no, I'm a vampire! I'm doomed/damned, oh no! Let me cling desperately to my humanity and turn into a big whiny bitch."
I hate Louis. I hate him with a burning passion. I'm starting to hate Jean-Claude too--Hamilton's pussying him up something awful, and the desperate primal grind-fest that the series has dwindled down to is really depressing.
Bring back cool vampires, you Hollywood bastards! Dracula was hot because he was powerful--not some boyband reject from France or whatever.

Don't ask where this came from...I wouldn't be able to tell you...- -"

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