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Sunday, July 3, 2005

   Konbanwa minna-san!
I know, I suck because I never update. It's just that my work schedule is so crazy that I'm usually too tired to be on. We all lucked out tonight. :D

So I went to a sushi-house with my friends who are now to be referred to as Sexi Lexi and Riotous Rowena. :D We were being stupid and came up with great stripper names--FYI, I'm Delightful Delilah.
Anyways, I got to practice some of my nihongo and Rowena knows a bit; the poor little waitress was all surprised. I can hear her thinking "Holy hell, white-lookin people who talk to me!" followed by "Wait...THEY'RE SPEAKING JAPANESE! OH MY GOD!" :D

So anyways Rowena and I did really well; I only messed up omoshiroi (interesting) and oishii (tasty). But I've been doing that since I first started taking Japanese. I think I probably overused the polite form; meh. Better safe than sorry, and better her waiting the table than me. (Have I mentioned before that I HATE the food service industry?)

The food was great! The eel was fresh. FRESH, do you understand?! It was great! I tried ika (squid). It reminded me too much of boiled radish, so that was a no-go. This time around, it was much cheaper; we ordered an appetizer, one order of eel, one of squid, and one of some tofu roll that Sexi Lexi loves, and I got a chicken dinner--the three of us managed all that for under $40 bucks! The last time I went out like that, I paid at least $50. It's crazy! :o

Anyways, we hung out at Rowena's forever after that--taking stupid pictures and playing with photoshop. It was alot of fun, and I was sad/happy to go to work--sad because I had to work, happy becuase I had to pee like a banshee. (I know, I know, TMI) Rowena's septic tank is backed up, so there's no flushing to be had. I can't deal with that. - -" Hope they get it fixed soon; her family's in need of working toilets.

Lots of love to Abram for making me feel all fuzzy as I brightened up his work day. Lots of love to Constance and SKF because...well, they amuse me so. Lots and LOTS of love to Ed even though he's usually a sucky loser and never on. And all of my affection to the rest of the people at MyO, because eventually you all find your way to ff.net and eventually you stumble across the Beautiful Bounty and her fabulous work.

Beautiful Bounty is me, in case subtlety is lost on you. :D

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