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Thursday, June 2, 2005

   Never tell old people that pop music is a brainwashing tool
They tend to get really cranky. Just a lil bit of advice for everyone, because that WILL come up in the pop quiz that is life. ^^

Nothin really going on; just checking in here in case my daywalking friends are tempted to use this as a method to make sure I still live and bitch. :D
Working on the application process to get into FGCU. I hate college applications; they make me feel SO stupid because I pretty much have no idea how to fill them out...it's uber frustrating...- -"
I feel stupid admitting that...mah, I went to college and got dumb; that is NOT how that was supposed to work. I'm serious; I'm watching Wheel-o-torture and I'm solving the puzzles and not understanding the effing clues. I mean, what the hell is 'before and after' with a solution of 'flannel-sheet-music'. WTF mate?
We're not going into how Jeopardy makes me feel; but at least somebody beat Ken Jennings. He's a dick; I was watching that tournie and he's just a cocky lil shit-midget, ain't he? :P on him. I was rooting for the big gay guy; but as usual the big gay guy doesn't get a break. Mah well...
That's all for now; it's nearly 5 (in the am!) and I'm in the mood for a lil Vampire: the Masquerade...yes I'm a dork and I bought the computer game. I love it though; I'm such a dirty Toreador whore! What makes it better is that I have absolutely no idea wtf I'm doing. :D
Although that's another thing you never want to admit aloud in certain company: in that case, the company of the die-hard goth poser crowd. They get snippy when you get bubbly--go fig! :D
All my love to my daywalking peeps, and sugary affection to the Vampire Ed, though I do wish he'd get his ass online. I miss our odd rambly conversations! ^^

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