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Friday, September 28, 2007

Volleyball 3
are thrid volleyball game woohh and we won it was really really close. See your sposed to win by 2 out of 3 games and win the game with 24 points but have to win by two. And the \half we lost but on are seccond game we won so we had to play a 3rd game with them and it was so close we got all the way up to 30 points it was back to back tobak it was awesome!!!!!!but we won at least.... but i had to surve one of those last surves and you know how much presure that is wooowie thats alot. And i was so happy becaus eim top setter on my team and i got to start out first setter every game that we had to play wooohhhhh!!!!!!im so excitedlol

love kiki
pm me when ever

p.s hey max what happend is something wrong you have been off for along time and not been pming me is it just cause your to busy or what.

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