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Friday, September 14, 2007

volleyball game
the volleyball game was so much fun. I got to set alot of balls and everything. Once i tried to spike one at them but it hit the net T_T. Oh well i will get it next time.^_^ Well we didn't win the game but it was a very close close close game. See in volleyball its the first person who gets to 24 and win by two points. WEll my sister had alot of great surves and everything and we needed one more surve to win the game and my sister surved a great surve and it was like perfect. But stupid me that was the time a tried to spike the ball so the other team got the point. ANd it was there surve and they put this great surver in and was so hard and it came right at one of are not so good players and she missed the ball so they won. Our seccond game(in volleyball you play 2 out of 3 games) are coach was so like yelling at us and saying that were horrible and everything and that we could of done better at the first game so she like put all of us down and and so we just gave up on the seccond game so that she could just SUFFER....just kddin but we did really bad on the seccond game. it was lke 18 to 24. grrr. well next week we are going to play a real easy team that we should beat so we will do better next time
i hope ya'll all enjoyed my complaints and everything from my volleyball game ^_^
love kiki

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