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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

hey you guys sorry i haven't posted in along time because well i've just been to busy. Every night i have more than 30 problems of algebra homework. And then other stuff from other teachers. Well and then i have to practice my instrument and then go to vooleyball practice and everything.so as you can tell i will only get to post up stuff on the weekends. TT_TT...well we have a volleyball game tomorow and i can't wait!!!!!Im so excited i have been practicing so hard this week. Yesterday i got mad at my coach because she started yelling at me because i wasn't doing good or somthing and im setter and that is like the QB of football. so its like a very important job. So yeah i gat a freakin mad at her. And if the team couldn't get a surve over then we had to run around the gym. GRRRRR im so mad because alot of people didn't get there surves over. THen she started saying good job for all these other peoples for calling the ball and when i would call the ball she would just not do anything or find another thing wrong that i did. ANd when like i got a perfect spike she would do nothing except go like you timed it wrong and im just there going like OMG why me.... you would have to be a volleyball player to know what i am talking about(or maybe not)...oh well thats all what my day was like today...
love kiki

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