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Friday, September 7, 2007

hey sorry i haven't gotten to post up alot this week. I got a new computer and desk...i had to build the desk all by my self but with a little help from my dad...my sisters wouldn't help me so i was stuck there building a desk. Oh well it was really fun. Well then in the middle of the week my computer broke down because the internet shut of here and wouldn't turn my computer on. SSSOOOO i had to wait like 3 or somthing days untill i could figure out what was wrong and then my big sister comes ups and just turns on the power button i was like now why didn't i think of that. LOL. Well in volleyball it was so boring are first game becasue i had to partner up with the 7th graders and all that stuff and they were horrible. WEll i don't think there is anything eles that is exciting that happend this week so i guess
bye bye hope you had fun reading my post i hope that i will be able to post up more stuff next week.^_^
love kiki

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