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Sunday, September 2, 2007

i changed my background once again. ^_^ Well i just got done running. I ran 2.1 miles and then i took a shower and then i went out to play volleyball, but then i had to take ANOTHER shower hehe. At least every one knows im squicky clean. Ummm I also practiced my trumpet today for about 30 mins........Tomorow is labor day wooohhhh im so glad i don't have to go to school. I haven't evan done my algebra homework yet. only parts. I just started school and i already hate it. There is this anouying girl who always comes up to me and starts asking me questions. GRRR Im just like go away plz. LOL. (what eles do i want to say) My first volleyball game is on friday. Its not really a game because we have to team up with the 7th graders and get in like 4 diffrent teams and help them out. But were still playing eachothers teams. So its sorta a game, but not a district game. I think thats all for what i have to say so i guess bye bye. have a great rest of the day ^_^
love kiki

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