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Saturday, October 9, 2004

Idiot who talks too much says-
I chnaged my email address, its now bloody_crimson_butterfly@hotmail.com

Man do I hate that spyware, I never wanted to change me email! ;_;

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Alton Towers
Idiot who talks too much says-
I just deleted everything I wrote! Now I can't be bothered, sorry.

I will write a review, I WILL!


I am so damn lazy...

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Thursday, October 7, 2004

He he he
Idiot who talks too much says-
I think that this computer has spyware! Oh man! I cannot get away from it! It hasn't *properly* screwed the computer though, so what do I care, it belongs to the school. It comes up with this stupid unclosable pop up, but I know how to get past it now so meh.

I'm really pleased that people like this place, I was like cool! People like to read my craziness! I still can't get on the computer at home though, but I will update about what kind of day I had at Alton Towers on Saturday when I'm at the library (hey! They have MSN okay!)

Write more later.

One random thing-

Does anyone know where I can buy 16 Volts albumn Supercoolnothings version 2.0 in the UK? Any help would be much appreaciated.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Info tech again
Idiot who talks too much says-
My brain is melting again. I cannot believe that I forgot to do one thing on my damn step by step! On the first page! Oh well, its not my ink cartridge so I'll just reprint the page. :)

I be too lazy to go and fetch the page from the printer now, I'm a lazy person aren't I? Now don't you all go throwing comments about my laziness now!

I realised something the other day, I hagve lost all the site work that I had saved on my computer at home because of that damn spyware, I'd been doing work on the alt tags on Junk City that very day that I had to have the thing deleted, so I happen to have lost all the files I had for it that had yet to be uploaded to the internet. I am not pleased. If I could get to a computer that I can upload on (and Lisas gonna have to tell me the ftp username again cos its stupid and I forgot and I'll need it to get back in) I'll have to add an update.

Damn it.

Oh well, I suppose its not that much of a loss.

Wow, the lesson is over. 0o;

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Monday, October 4, 2004

Meh. Curse the spyware!
Idiot who talks too much says-
I wont have my username back until my dads cousin next comes to visit. It kinda sucks, especially since after mine was deletd it spread to my sisters. I'll try and sneakily update as much as I can during Info Tech and Bus Stop lessons and at the library on Saturdays, but it won't be that often.

Went to Alton Towers on Saturday. Had great fun, I'll give a proper account of it when I have the time to myself, but I'll just say that we got stuck on the logflume half way up a ramp!

Meh, I'd write more but Info Tech is draining my brain.

Just one last fume...


Okay, now I feel better. :)

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Idiot who talks too much says-
I may not be updating properly for a few days because I had to delete my username on my computer because of that DAMN SPYWARE!

I'm off to my law lesson now. --;

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Monday, September 27, 2004

Idiot who talks too much says-
I be in a double IT lesson at the moment and so I shouldn't be posting, but I couldn't resist. Over night two more people have signed my guestbook and added me as friends! I feel so looooooooooved! I don't like data bases, they're boring. I've finished mine now so I'm making notes on the data protection act. MAAAAAAJOR snore fest I tell ya. Making notes. Damn I'm bored! *Snores*

Kate moved back up into our classes! I have yet to see her in any yet because it's still first period (I think anyhow, but I am a liddle dumb).

Maaaaaaaaan. I'd take some quizes but I think that'd be a leeetle too obvious (that took me five minutes to spell and I STILL thing its wrong).

Bah, I'll update more later.

Eeep. When do I have science? We have a test today and I never revised!

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Scared 0o;
Idiot who talks too much says-
Okay, now this thing is getting freaky! That toolbar was NOT there before! Damn you spyware!

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Back again
Idiot who talks too much says-
My computer is scaring me. Some nasty spyware has decided to make its presence known. I can't do anything about it though, so it'll just have to stay there being ignored, because I don't care about it.

I added the i-frame, but patchworkmice's FTP is being an ass and it won't update the file now, so I'll just have to be patient because it's kinda hard to smash something that is probably stored on a server in Germany or something. --; Well I'll virtually kick its butt anyhow.

Just talking to Katherine and Lisa on MSN. Still wish I had the real hing rather than the online version. I miss out on a tonna things. Oh well, beggers can't be choosers I suppose.

I'm gonna add a load more fan art today. I'm really warming to this place. :)

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Idiot who talks too much says-
Ow ow ow! It is so not sensible to run over your foot with a chair. I mean it, it hurts! *Cries*

I've been working on the Lauri image that I was doing for art, all I need to do to finish it is put the colour into his bracelt. Cutting all those fiddly little shapes was not fun, but I think that it was worth the effort in the end. It looks quite good to me. I cannot believe that in just over a month I will be seeing the Rasmus live! Its so cool! The best thing would be if I could get their autographs. I would love to get Lauri's! *Melts*

Anyhoo, I'm just editing the layout of this thing so that I can rambe all I like in the liddle intro thing. Mwahahah, this is one of those times when I love I-frames. I can put as much info in as I want and it won't could because it just links to the i-frame. :)

I finished Project Zero last night! I am so pleased! I was really stuck before and I thought I'd NEVER be able to finish it, but I have and I'm reaping the benefits. I'm gonna try and finish FF6 now, because I give up on games too easily. I will get the sequal as soon as I can though, the graphics to it are so great and since P.Z. is probably in my top 5 games (or would be if I had one) the sequal should be just as good.

Meh, I'll write more soon.

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