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Thursday, January 31, 2008

   I'm back...
Alright, after the trajic incident with my desktop, my parents decided to punish me. The desktop breaking was not my fault for you see the computer was on this extremely riquity table that was a disaster waiting to happen. On monday my table finally gave way and fell apart under the weight of desktop. The monitor broke along with the table but my parents think I just got frustrated with the incredibly slow dial-up internet and the super slow outdated desktop and pushed the screen. My parents bought this awesome new laptop with MY money today but the forbid me from using the internet for a while. They will know instantly when I'm using the internet because it's dial-up and they can just check the phone. The thing they didn't realize was that the neighbor has wireless internet and I can just connect to his, hehe so right now they have no idea that I'm in the internet. Well anyway, now that I'm back I have a lot of sites to visit but i probably won't get to them until tommorrow so this is all for now, later.
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