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Monday, September 27, 2010

   My Reasons for Loving College Thus Far.
#1. My professors are awesome.
#2. My classes are pretty good.
#3. CUTE BOYS!!! (Hahahahaha)
#4. Good food.
#5. My dorm is fun.

I only have four classes and I seem to like the teachers for all of them. Thank God.

The boys are all amazingly gorgeous and I've found one who likes me =) Which is good because I like him, lol.

Our dining commons have amazing food. Total plus side.

And my dorm tends to be loud. Currently there is either rock or metal music BLARING on my floor. I am pretty sure if I went to use the bathroom on the fourth floor I could still hear it.

I'm an Elementary Education major. I need to decide on my double major still =/ I will have a minor in either communications or computer sciences. It's undecided lol.

So how do I change my information on here? It's so annoying. I'll firgure it out. I'm assuming you have to go through TheO -____- I hate how it got all separated and such. It was so muc fun when we didn't have to chose which version we wanted to use.

Anyway, enough complaining. I must be off to that education meeting. Love & miss you all!

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