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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's nice to know you guys still come around.

Kelsey (Angel Zakuro) Well, I didn't mention the opener because we're at Fenway Park. The evil home of the terrible Red Sox. They won on Sunday and We won last night. We're trying to win tonight too, but so far no good!

shadowme & Bakalovesyou, thanks for the congrats lol. I was so excited to get into the college!

*sigh* Another day has passed me by. I counted all the days I have left and I actually have 47. Such a bummer lol. I thought it was 43, sadly I was wrong. But that's okay! I'm a a little nervous about leaving anyway. I had been complaining that we've been in High School forever and now I feel like I just got there! Funny how that is *smiles*

Yanks are up to bat, this will have to do! I still can't comment but know that I have been stopping by and reading your posts. I will keep trying! Pain in the ass computer *glares*

See ya! Love!


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