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Friday, October 13, 2006

   Bored. yes. -gouges out eyeballs-
So Today is Friday the thirteenth. a day feared by preppies and the superstitious. I don't really see it any different. just a day with a supposedly " unlucky number" however...there was a thing of interest that happened...a sort of transvestite show was at my school, I call it transevite , because number 1, none of the contestants are gay. number 2: none of them really performed. but it was a very interesting thing. I know for a fact one of them was gay..he should be a drag queen for real...he was fabulous at it. I am like a female drag queen. don't ask how that works out.
so I drew a lot of cool pics, too bad I don't have scanner...>> -shrugs- tis okay...ehhehe. it's not like you people pay attention to my portofolio anyways . one of the few things that irritates me ( here goes one of my infamous rants) is the cosplay section. now, I am not talking about people who actually forth effort. I am talking about the stupid ass bitches ( pardon my cursing) who think throwing on some black clothing ( no makeup might I add) and taking low-quality pics is " cosplaying" NO. that's not cosplaying. true, I have pics of me up...Yeah, they're not anime-oriented, but you know what? I put forth effort, I am heavy into the Gothic Lolita, soooo...it's more cosplaying than a lot of stuff done in the " original anime section" mmmkay?

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