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Monday, October 6, 2008

okay, so SOME ppl
read my posts. And
obviously, some like
them! because they are
amusing! thank you, Ramen
Elf-chan! But anyway...
I'm glad that some ppls are
kind enough to even READ
my posts! Thank you to
those who read them, even
if you don't comment them!
I'm in the tropics right
now, visiting family...
it is really humid out,
so it's really hot in the
house. I'm dying of heat
right now...sweating like
a dog...aiie...but anyway,
Tsumi has a crushie crush...
he says he's gonna ask her
out soon!!! whee! but anyways
I just wanted to tell ppls...
if you want to know the details
of how we told one another,
PM me and I'll tell you the
whole story. It is so much
like a manga romance, I
swear!!! Makes my heart
flutter when I recall the
day! Well, Tsumi ish doing
good, and hopes everyone
else is, too! Love joo all!

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