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Saturday, June 27, 2009

   It's FINALLY summer!!!
YAY!! It's summer!! Too bad this summer is supposed to be crappy (a seatile summer, which means a summer with very few warm/sunny days each week!) It stinks,but luckily we're having 3 days of sun this week!(rare for a seatile summer,it just may not be true!) On Sunday we're holding an end of school pool party! But, this is what stinks about that...
1.) The weather is only 75 degrees
2.) Our besties(Brandon,Alex,and Alex) can't come!! Alex1 is in maine
alex2 has a wedding
Brandon is at cape cod
Audry won't come 'till 6(brother's b-day party)
Liv wont come 'till 6(she has a swimming competition)
3.)We're stuck with one of our most ANOIING friend(not really a friend mom made us invite her!)
Aly-a living brreathing anoiying 4th grader in the body of a 7th grader

oh well, I guess....
But, we invited 17 kids and so far only 8 can come(counting the 2 who come at 6) Dude, does everyone go on vacation the first week of summer!? It just makes no sence at all... Out of the 8 kids who are coming we only know 1 boy!! we invited 9 others! But, our neighbor Tevin might come. And same with his friends Nick and Josh,but only if Nick's hand is better.(He apparently stuck his hand through a broken window... he's all bandaged up Josh -his brother- said.....weird eh?)

Oh YEAH!! Sorry I forgot! I got A's and B's again on my final report card!!! Yay!

Well, beside all of that I'm just typing away on my computer....nothing else beside that we're going to Audrey's party tonight.
so, Bye!!


BTW... something is wrong with my post (if u hover over it the letters will turn white and then dissapear) so if u mind just don't hover over the post while your reading it 'cause then u will become confused and anoiyed!! Sorry!!I'll fix it as quickly as I can!!!

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