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Saturday, July 1, 2006

   Things I do
Where I lurk : @ home waiting for night.
My Mood : Cool but missing someone.

I once again am posting I am actually looking for someone. The persons anme is Forsaken Tears. Thing is sh disapeared off my friends list. It makes me wonder is she is ok. I hope she is and if she reads this I hope you are ok and you still have a friend in me. Yea I know the last statment sounded lame. Hey but who cares im an old man. LoL Well Iv been at it again creating AMV's I do think I am getting better. Well I have it posted it up if anyone wants to see it. If you want you can tell me how it is if you like it Ok. That is if you want. Well I will be off now. To do what I have no idea i havent planed that far ahead. Laterz. Bye - Bye.

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