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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

   This is so Cool ! ! ! !
Where I Lurk : Maxing my stats (i dont know what that means either)
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Hello all how have you been. I am sorry iv not been here lately. Between school and work its hard but someday ill make it thru.
Well I have some intresting news Ok first how many of you have gone to an anime convention. Nevermind let me just tell you well as volunteers go. Iv stayed in security and assistant to video. Well at this convention.

The link to Shimakon

I will be the vice chairman **gasp** yikes this is a dream right. No its not a dream this is real. This to me is so cool That means until September ill be working harder. It also means ill be here even less of a time. I have decided since the Main Chairman person is working very hard to make it real I will work as hard.
Now on to another subject. I will have March Calander done soon so i will post it up. As for people that live in Texas come to the Anime Convention I will help at. There is a great staff that will make this con a very good one.

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