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Sunday, January 15, 2006

   Oh ! man where have I been
Where I Lurk : It seems everwhere.
My Mood : Tired but cool

Its been a while since iv posted. Im sorry for that. Most know even thou iv not posted iv been to your sites. I will try to get to everyones site. Ok now to where iv been. School is the main place four collage classes one is Collage Algebra Aughhhh... help its hard... and thats because i only take that class on Saturday morning three hours. I will try to pass it. I think thats enought of that math thing. It hurts my head. Next thing Im making a Febuary calander any ideas. It could be bloddy one, romantic or what ever. Comment let me know like my teachers say the worst thing to do is stay quiet. There was something else i was going to say but it seems iv forgotten. Well i think i will end it there. Take a breath this post has ended. Laterz. =^_^=

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