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Monday, January 2, 2006

   Its Been A while
Where I Lurk : In the Shadows
My Mood : Actually Socialble

Hello Its been some time since iv been here. Iv been busy with my company. Its kind of tireing but cool. Im also getting ready for another term of school. Three more quarters and I will gradguate. So how was your all New Year's day good I hope. Im going to most of your sites today so dont be mad at me. I will try to catch up on current events. Oh yea before i forget i finished the January 2005 calander. I finished it a few days after
X-Mas day, but since i wasnt here it didnt get posted. Oh if you didnt notice I posted up a wallpaper i made go check it out. Please comment tell me what you think Truthfully. Enjoy.

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