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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Quick Thing
If your a friend of mine. Plus have a small charcter avatar with your name. I can put it in my profile marquee. Pm me to let me know where I can find it.

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   A Normal Update I Think
Where I Lurk : Close to the Light but not to close
My Mood : Intresting and Questionable

Hi ! I have done some rearanging. Gotten rid of some friends. Reasons for in my last post. Iv not yet decided on this background. So its not final, plus i want to put someting intresting on my site. Iv tried puzzles,weird eyes,and music. I guess it will come to me eventually. In other news : Garra from Naruto and Akito from Fruits Basket. Will make an apperance in January's 2006 calander. A duo cool you guys told me what you liked. it should be finished by the end of the year. Well Thats where I will end it here. Have a good day tomorrow. Laterz. =^_^=

Bleach Gotei 13

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Friday, December 23, 2005

   I think I will rearange
Where I lurk : Under stars
My Mood : Questionable

I think this will be quick. I will be once again rearangeing this site of mine. Hopefully for the best.
I will also be getting rid of some of my friends. There is a good reason for this. They either havent updated their site, Signed my guest book and disapeared, and I am not on there friend list. This will help some I have good friends here, and I want them to have priority over all. For example the ones in the Marquee on the top of my web page. I think Thats about all I will post up today. Laterz. =-_-=

Which of the completely adorable and lovable Fruits Basket characters are you?

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

   Thankz to All
Where I Lurk : In the Shadows
My Mood : Happy but Sad

Hello. First all I have to thank all the people that commented on my post. Thought what happened was some time ago it still affets me. I had to take some time away from everything. I was invited to where a person i care for lives. I spent the time for once happy and not alone. It helped a lot and I am glad for that. I hope that maybe i can see light from the shadows i lurk. I just wanted to post what i have been up too. I will if I can try to vist all my friendz sites. Take care. Laterz. =^_^=

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Friday, December 16, 2005

   I Think you Should Know
Where i lurk : Darkness Thinking alone
My Mood : . . . .

Well First off I was thinking about this a lot and i mean a lot. I know from my last two posts people wonder why Iv been sad. Well I will tell you. Please stop reading if you don't want to be sad.

This is something iv keep to my self for years. Not even Soi Fong or my parents knows this. Only Sara (Rukia_Azai) knew. You all know i am not young but i love anime. Thats why i am here. Im off the subject... Sorry. Four years ago i was in a relationship with a girl. We dated for a year and she got pregnat. I was happy very happy. Three months after i proprosed to her she accepted. Even more to celebrate. Five and a half months later we were told the baby was going to be a girl. Even more excited i got. Early in the six month there was a complication. I dont know what happned but my fiance lost our child. Saddness struck me and her. She cried cause she always wanted to have a baby and because i wanted to be in a family. Since she was unfit to leave the hospital I decided to get some things from the house for her. While i was away my fiance killed herself in the hospital. When i returned i was told what happened. I was not only shocked but frozen with fear and regret. I sat down by myself and cried. As i walked home alone i passed a park where i first meet my fiance. As i sat down on a swing i pulled out my kunai.(yes i have a real one) I cut my wrist just not to bear the pain of loseing the ones i love. By pure luck a police saw me in there already cut not even concous. He called an amblunce. I found out all this by reading the report he wrote. When i woke up i was surprized to be in the same hospital alive. They called Sara since they didnt know my family. She was beside me and helped me with what happened. Im pretty much ok most of the time. Except this month December 20 my daughter would have been Three years old. On that day i visit both graves and spend the whole day there alone. I know pain, sorrow and loneliness I have the scars to prove it. I am really sorry if i made you sad by reading this. Laterz....

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   Quick post again
Where i Lurk : In Darkness
My Mood : Luntical

Its getting closer. Why must it be saddness and depression even more. Why ? I will try to get past this. Well My calander was found December Mini. It was done with my Fav charcter from bleach. Soi Fong of course.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

One more thing Let me know what charcter you guys want for the Charcter of the year. Calander i am makeing. Also i did this i dont think it turned out quit right. Enjoy the picture and the Eye thing. Laterz. =^_^=

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Monday, December 12, 2005

   Quick Update
Where I Lurk : Chatting to a girl i like who doesnt see me.
My Mood : Dismal

This is a quick update nothing new to say nothing happens in my life. This background is the closest i will get to christmas. I do not like this month cause it makes me sad and lonely.... Laterz... =^_^= Nyaaaa.....

You are lost. Can be a loner and shy,But also have
hope and happiness.

Are you light, lost, or dark angel?
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Saturday, December 10, 2005

   Another day, To far gone
Where i Lurk : Hiding in blankets.
My Mood : Ill but bored

Hello Everyone. I hope you are are good as in not sick. As for me iv been sick. Aughh... One cold front moved in to where i Live and i got sick. Then again it could be because iv been playing in the cold rain. It felt soooo cool. Work I missed once cause i felt my bones hurt. Ouch Im getting old. Lets see what can i say. Humm.... Ouch my brain hurts. Lets think i got a MySpace web account. I dont know many people there. My bleach December calannder is done, but i left it in my other computer. So i will post it soon. I was thinking Should i create a calander of the year with one favorite charcter. Let me know in the comments. Im working on my Next AMV but right now all i have thought of is the song. Well thats about all I think to say. Stay well. Laterz. =^_^=

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Thursday, December 1, 2005

   Shouldn't be here
Where I Lurk : Pretending to study.
My Mood : Cynical

Hello Its been a While since iv been here. I hope you all can forgive me. I know most of you know iv been here cause iv commented on you. Iv had a good excuse for not being here. Iv been studing finals are next week. Its been hard a person can only study for so long.
I did happen to find a another good friend. Her name is Animal Girl Visit her.

Yea Before i forget I finished two of my AMV's. One is a video that has been in collecting dust iv been wating for a good anime series to jump out and hit me. Well it managed to bite me.

This other video took me two days to make its a picture video. Its pretty good it has DDR music. Many wallpapers created by fellow members. Also as thankz for all my friends here I put a few select friends in the credits. Want to know who watch the video.

Well Laterz. Please comment if you like or dislike my videos.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

   Time Away
Where I Lurk : Chacesing my cat. "Come back here and take your Vitemin."
My Mood : Cool

Hello All ! Hope you are good. I am haveing awsome day.
First off I passed the THEA. Its a test and this made the third time but I passed.
Next I talked to the person i like. Wowwww Iv got to come up with better conversations. Then again im glad to just be around her.
New Gotei 13 Members : Izumi as 10th Division Vice-captain Matsumoto Rangiku. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Kielik as 13th Division Captain Ukitake Juushiro. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

There are still Some spots left. Pm me for details
Well I think this will be my last posting until i think December 10. Why ! you ask ? Lest see finals for my college are coming up and if i dont study. I fail. I can't fail. I have promices made I cant break them. Well I wish you all a Good Thanksgiving Plus anything comes your way. Rember take things one step at a time. No Worries or at least not too many. Laterz. =^_^=

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