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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ao No Exorcist!!!

By golly I can't wait until this anime comes out!!!

And since I haven't posted here in awhile I thought I'd share a quick plot synopsis.

Genre: Shonen, action, supernatural, fantasy

Ok another manga with demons… Ao No Exorcist starts out with a pretty standard plot. Half demon boy, evil dad, dead mom, murdered foster parent, boy gets taken in by a group of exorcists. See? Nothing new there… Its as the plot progresses that this series begins to stand out. The depth of the characters, the main character Rin in particular, is suburb! All of the characters have pretty realistic reactions to the happenings around them and the mystery of wondering whats going to happen next is always a rush. At the school for exorcists Rin has to hide his half demon identity or risk being killed by other exorcists. This makes for some exciting tension between him and his friends.

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