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Monday, September 15, 2008

   Tsubasachro's 2 Year Surprise!!! ^^
Tomarrow...Or maybe today (depending on when your reading this...) Is my 2nd year on TheO!!!! YAY me! ^^

For me its still the 15th but on the 16th I intend to post a short story on my world.(Vampires...Iam working on fixing it up right now...)
But for now...

(By the wayy all pics in this post were photoshoped by me)

=^-^= meow!

How long?!?


*laughs* Its really has been a fun two years... All the wallpapers...all the misrable failures taking up space on my hard drive... *laughs*

For this I have my good friend (who made this account for me)to thank for getting me hooked!!!^^ She was actually also the one who got me into anime in the first place so I guess I better thank her agian!!! ^^; *laughs*

Thank you all for your support!!! *bows*


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