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Saturday, September 13, 2008

   Only 3 Days 'Till 2 Years!!!!!!!!
I feel so old... I've almost been active on TheO for nearly 2 years...O.o How time flies...

Anyways, Iam sorry if I haven't been very good commenting lately, shcools started and it's realy really hard and keeps me very busy. *sigh* I've barely had time for relaxing...

I've been tring out some new anime and have fallen in love with Gungrave. Its sooooooooo COOL!!!!!!! Iam no good at explaining plots but its about love, loyality, friendship, betral, death and the mafia!!! ~_^ In other words right up my alley! *laughs*

Below is a preview of a piece I've been working on... Another coloring job...mostly 'cause this pic is one of my favs and I wanted it in color! ;P Selfish me! *laughs* I enjoyed coloring the jeans to the point of it being unhealthy... I love his jeans... @-@ (Sorry about the text... I don't want people stealing my stuff 'till it's ready!!!)
Please tell me what you think... Even tho' I haven't cleaned up the messy coloring parts yet...

Preview 2

Oh! And Have a nive day!!!!!!!

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