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Friday, August 29, 2008

2 Years
WOW!!! Its hard to believe that on 9/16/08 I'll have been on theO and myO for 2 years... I feel like I should do something to celebrate... Any ideas? I've been think of picking out my favorite wallpapers and telling you what I thought of them, but I don't know whether anyone would like that... Or I suppose I could make a new wallpaper for the ocasion... I dunno we'll see... Once agian ideas are welcome!!!

I've started school now so I won't be on theO or MyO as often... TT_TT

I was really surprised today when I went to check on my Zetman wallpaper and had 142 views 6 hugs and 4 comments!!! o.O You see I always try to guess how popular my wallpaper or e-card will be... I thought that wallpaper would have 20 views, 1 hug and no comments. Man was I wrong! *laughs*

An AMAZING Hellsing AMV!!! I love this vid!

GUTEN TAG!!!!!!!

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