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Thursday, July 24, 2008

   ~*Just a Post*~
Long time no post!!! I felt like updating today soooo here ya go! ^^

I've been working on a new wallpaper but its taking awhile and it'll take awhile more! In the mean time heres a little sneak peek...

Preview 1

Sorry about the text, but I don't want someone on photobucket to take it before its finished! ^^

You'd be amazed how many random photoshop things I have lying around my computer unfinished!!!*flips though old old work never posted, laughs* I think for my two year anniversary I'll post smaller versions of my rejects for you all to see... That'll give us a good laugh!!! *laughs*

1. Do you have a wallpaper/art reject pile?
me: Yes! I don't earse it unless its truely beyound fixing tho'...
2. Can you draw? (by hand)
me: No...sadly I can't...which is why I have no fanart...
me: I was once hanging out with two of my friends and we couldn't think of anything to do...So I started asking them questions to see if there was something none of us had ever done(Iam BIG on doing things I've never done) NOne of us had ever danced around a cauldren. Sadly they didn't own a cauldren so we used a big metal pot. We took it outside(front yard) at 10:30 at night and danced around it. It was fun! ^^ Try it sometime!


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