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Friday, August 19, 2005

Hello everyone!! Sorry i haven't been on for a very long time but homework has been piling up!! Well anyways right now i'm at school and in my Computers class and i just wanted to add a post so you can see that i'm still here ^-^ Well after computers class i'm off to Geometry and and then P.E and lastly English class...OH!! and!! The best news of all is that we only have one more week of school!!! and then it's vacation time for 2 WHOLE MONTHS!!! YAY!!! Eh... but after a while being home can get SUPER boring!! Bleh!!! Oh well i'm still SUPER happy!!! Can't wait!!! Hmm...eh well today i'm not going to put a picture but next time i post i will!! So goodbye everyone and have a nice day!! ^-^
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