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Saturday, July 23, 2005

   Hello ^^
Hewo everyone! We haven't been doing much today all we've done today is watch our Saturday morning cartoons and listen to Queen and The Beatles ^^ but later on today we're going to...guess!! NO GUESS AGAIN! Oo close but wrong! Actually heehee...we're going to the....Bookstore!! Woo!! To get some mangas!!!...hopefully...Well anyways....Bye bye! See ya all later! ^-^b

Cats and a kitty cat and they dance dance dance and dance dance dance!! (I heard that song in the internet)

Life's a bitch... or bastard
Oi! What Kind of Loner Are You?

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Hmmm...i never thought of us as being bitter loners...actually i think we're more like ......like ......Happy/sad/in our own world little loners ^^

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