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Thursday, June 7, 2007

A long with his colleagues, James Weldon Johnson and Main Locke, Charles Johnson populated the phrase of the “New Negro” which meant the new individualized black from white sociality. Johnson was determined to help African American writers become known in white society. He created a “coming-out party” for people with literary talent called the “Civic Club Dinner”.
Along with literary geniuses like Alain Locke, Langston Hughes, Larry Neal and Amiri Baraka, who were also African American leaders, there were also women who persuaded advancement for their race. Women like Jessie Fauset and Ethel Ray Nance, both connected with Charles Johnson, became some of the most notable literary women during the Harlem Renaissance. One of Jessie Fauset's students said that “had she not been a “colored women”… there is no telling what she would have done... “Fauset secured a position as literary editor for the crisis in 1919. More women, like Zoru Neale Hurston, Pauline E. Hopkins, Nella Larsen and Gwendolyn Benett, pay7ed the path for both blacks and women to enter the literary arena.

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