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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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Illegal Immigration
Persuasive Essay

Why do people emigrate from their own country to another? How does this benefit the country that the immigrants move into? Immigrants come into the United States for a variety of reasons, whether it is for a political, social or economic reason. Though some people may believe immigrants have no purpose but to be a burden, that is a complete falsity. Immigrants take the lowly jobs and they diversify the current cultures and traditions. Because immigration can benefit the U.S, the harsh laws against immigration should be softened in order for immigrants to enter the country more easily.

Immigrants, many being illegal in this country, constantly have to take the degrading, unwanted labor that no one else is willing to do. Immigrants often take factory work (making clothing, home appliances, etc) or do manual labor like cleaning houses or becoming waiters. Although this fact is unfortunate for the immigrants, it really benefits those who live in this country. By being illegal in this country immigrants are also sometimes taken advantage of by those who hire them, and the immigrant can not do much about it, like report it to the police, otherwise he/she might get deported. If the laws made it easier for immigrants, there would be less illegal immigrants, there would not be an exploitation of the immigrants’ fear of deportation and there would still be a hand in cheap, reliable and bountiful labor.

Panic by the media also helps aid the people’s fears on immigration which causes unfair bills and laws to be passed. Immigration is not that big of a problem, it is just portrayed that way by the media. The media exaggerates the immigration systems inability to function and calls the system “broken” and “unsafe”. Because of the media hype and racist views of some natives on immigration, bills like the HR-4437 or Sensenbrenner bill are passed by congressmen. The bill turned all illegal immigrants into criminals while it arrested anyone who helped aid an illegal immigrant. Someone who wanted a better life for themselves is suddenly equal to a murderer? That’s going a bit far. This is why fairer laws are needed, so immigrants can immigrate into the country without being labeled a felon.

Who has the right to say that immigrants are no longer permitted into this country? From the moment this land was discovered by Columbus in 1492 this land has been populated by immigrants. All the countless and different races of immigrants have created this country into what it is today. All the cultures and customs have been absorbed and become a part of American life. Like when the Germans arrived to America and brought with them the Christmas tree, which has been popularized and become a part of American tradition.

Though immigration has its pros and cons, the fact is undeniable that laws regarding immigration are unfair and should be changed. Immigrants do serve a purpose for coming into the country and should not be treated like criminals. Not only do immigrants populate the country but they take the worst jobs and provide a rich, diverse culture. If immigrants can benefit this country in any way then the laws against immigration should be changed or discarded so as to make it easier for immigrants who want to come into the country legally.

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