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Hey wassup...
Nothing much to say, i never wanted to be a writer or a journalist so... enjoy my slangs here, lol.

My colors: i like red (4 energy), green (cuz it's summer favorite color), black (cuz i love moe, ivy and oscar! *wink*). But the test came up like this:
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My romance life? hum..*cough*
You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
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Me? cheating? hell no. LOL

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Guess wat happened 2day, Kayla told me what Levi had told her at lunch... heheh well it's a secret. Cant tell u guys, SLisa&ILisa. I dont want you 2 "by accident" tell him. So ..hehhe... i'm just hyper 2nite.
I called him. He sounded surprised since usually he calls me, not really vice versa. We talked for an hour about ... i dunno wat it was about but yea....
It's amazing how things work out!

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  I met Levi 2day between 2nd and 3rd hour. He gave me a CD, but didnt say much. I felt so bad. I told myself, it's over! I felt like Cinderella. After 12, sweetdream's over.
I talked to Kayla in 4h hour. She broke up w/ her bf, Alex. It's quite simple. But i feel sorry 4 her. I just told her to enjoy being w/ friends at the moment. And let's see what will come up.
I saw Levi was talking to a girl at lunch, he looked like he was having fun. Kinda sad here. But i ignored him til ILisa said hey its Levi. Lets go over there. I found out that girl was Kayla. Man! i dunno what she told him. She knows some bout Levi and me. Hopefully she didnt say anything though. We felt like a little awkward. But we soon caught up as normal and we had fun. After lunch, Levi hugged me b4 we went to 5th hour. Oohhhh!!!

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Sunday, October 26, 2003

   LEVI!!!! lol
We just got back from the dance. It was fun. Levi was crazy, man. But it was a blast! I used to dance at some clubs but 2nite i just couldnt dance in front of him. Thats sooo weird! Grr... But everything was fine. He was such a sweetheart. Oh i love him!!! (SLISA + ILISA: you guys.. shut up..hahaha. Dont you guys dare to give this website to Levi or I'll kill both of you HAHa)
Isidro was silly 2night.. too silly. He should have done differently. Lukas was alone by himeself. Sux 4 u, man! (I was truly surprised that he couldnt find a date!), Art was NOT hot.. i was expecting him 2b a lot cuter. He was just like a normal guy. Cant imagine how ILISA and SLISA think that he's hot! Eww. He tried to make out w/ ILisa. She kissed him back, just 2make Nick (her crush) jealous haha. It looked so funny though. I dunno if Nick even cared or not. I mean he was way somewhere else. But it would be kewl if he likes her. She has 2 do lotz of things to get him. And now they're at a party somewhere. I couldnt go. My "fake" dad didnt let me.. grrr... why do i alwayz have 2 live on these rules? Grr... i could have spent more time w/ Levi. Ooohhhh!

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Friday, October 24, 2003

   My life keeps screwwing up!
I just found out that I'll be sick soon. Sounds weird? Well i think so too. But who cares.. it's just this Sat is HC. Dang it! What should I do????
Levi wrote me a note and asked me whole bunch of questions.. it was funny. My reply was almost 2 pages long. He better write me a reply as long as that!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

   happy :)
Nothing much 2day. In skul, i had a feeling that SLisa and ILisa ditching me or sumthing. But looks like i was just paranoid. I think i'll be sick soon. Dont feel really well. Plz plz plz i dont wanna get sick right HC day!
Levi called me when I was doing nails w/ So-yung in front of the house (we're not suppposed to do manicure or padicure inside cuz dad is allergic to nail polish or sumthing). He was funny and so cute. I told him probably all of us arenot gonna do much on HC day, cuz it'll only HC. Prom is more important. And he was muttering.."ONLY..???" It was cute *_* And he wants to do ice-skating that day. Havent decided yet. 2morrow I'll surprise him w/ the Happy Gram note. That'll be fun.
Oh yea, and this girl in my dance class. She asked if i wanted to go w/ Levi. I asked her how she knew bout all this. She said he planned it for a looong time (!) Ooh, I feel so loved! ;)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

   Relax ... back 2 skul...
Well yup, we're back 2 skul after 2&1/2 days off, meanwhile my frenz in HHS had 2&1/2 WEEKS off. UNFAIR!!!!
But i didnt really enjoy my break anywayz, so i was pretty glad going back to skul. Weird, huh?
I couldnt believe that S-Lisa doesnt like Isidro. According to wat she has been telling me, everything goes well between them. And she DID say she liked him. So i was so glad that they can hang out 2gether. *sigh* Connfusing. Lisa, u gotta explain to me sumthing. I think i'm lost.
I-Lisa was sick. I think i'm kinda sick too. Every1 is sick today in skul, funny.
Cant believe Lukas hasnt asked any1 yet. Jonas got asked.. BIG SURPRISE LOL. Oh well!
And yea, Levi wrote a note and gave to a girl to give to me in my dance class to ask me. It was cute. But i found out that it's like everyone knows he's asking me! *blushed*

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