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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sick day = time to type
hey people

im a bit sick, so i took the time to talk to you here...so...what shall i talk about....maybe the few things that happen in my life....maybe you'll be interested....or maybe not...anywho

so for the last few months we had satelite broadband (which is slow as heck) until a couple of weeks ago when my dad decided to get Wireless Broadband (which is completely different and costs less)...had to put up the Yagi aerial on our mast (no i don't live on a ship, it's this huge pole on top of the house), so we lowered it, put the aerial on, had a break, when put it back up, took an hour all up...but it was worth it! I tested out the latency on WoW and it got into the yellow, to tell you the truth i was estatic cause i only got in the red before...so now we have 3GB of usage to play with....joy ^^

anywho, enough of me...go back to whatever you were doing before you decided to come to my site

thank you and good night


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