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Friday, February 15, 2008

red and black


Sorry I hadn't posted in a while I was grounded.. Hehe! Well, I didn't wear a coat to school and I was grounded from the computer for 1 whole day! My parents can be uptight somewhat but they were just worried about the crazy weather here.

Well, nothin much to talk about. Be seeing ya!


P.S. EMAIL! PEOPLE! ^___^ Trick.XoXo@live.com

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Sunday, February 3, 2008


Hi! I found this cute little picture. Some people say it's emo.. I think it's cute! So far I have 10 guestbook signs! Yay! Thanks everyone who signed! I however do not require fancy talk on my guestbook like, "Tell me how to do what whatyou did with your site. Bye! From Somebody."

Instead I recieve hand typed (and not copy & pasted) signs! Thank you all. However people have been PMing me how to do that fade thingy. I can't message you that code however I can go into your backroom and put it in your post styles selection. ^___^ (You gotta trust me though.. Tehehe.)

Trick XoXo

Email me! I love chattin. Trick.XoXo@live.com
Thats also for msn messenger. Bye-BYE!

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

By that face you can probably tell that I didn't sign 50 but thats ok! I was bluffing... I didn't think I could do that many as a beginner. Besides, I really like to type my signatures without having to copy & paste.

Anyway heres a little picture I randomly found on the internet at photobucket.com.


As I said, RANDOM!

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