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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Today's the day!! ^.^ My birthday has arrived! Well, not very exciting when you're getting older...at least not for me. ^^; But whatever.

Pretty soon I'll have to add a countdown to New Year's on my profile (notice that the countdown on my birthday is gone and soon will be replaced with that... ). :P

My family and I are gonna go out and eat for the weekend to celebrate. *sigh* Next up, Christmas, then New Year's... Goodness... O.o

No new artwork submitted today; I gotta go back to school tomorrow for the winter term...Only this time, I gotta go to bed really early because I enrolled an early morning class. So, wish me luck because the class I'm going to is my Achilles heel: SPEECH. Must I really explain why I hate going to such courses like this one...?

...Hope ya'll have a nice day, and also, I would like to wish a happy b-day to ma7ad ekleemnee! It's nice to have someone who has the same (or near to mine) birthday as me. :3

Sorry for the long post!! ^^;;;

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